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Buying Sheets Is Confusing, But It Just Got Better

There’s much more to comfort than thread count.



A quick trip down the bedding aisle at any department store will bombard you with myriad choices — high or low thread count, percale, Egyptian cotton, washed cotton — but you’re only after one thing, and that is comfort. And you shouldn’t need a textile encyclopedia to find it. Enter: Rich and Vicki Fulop, the team behind Brooklinen, a direct-to-consumer retailer promising comfort at a spot-on price. They’ve sorted through all the confusing terms for you, boiling down different thread counts and cottons into two simple categories that promise crisp comfort: Classic and Luxe.

The Classic line is lightweight: cool, crisp and breathable. The Luxe line is a bit more — well, luxe: softer and slightly smoother than the Classic line. Just like they’ve made it easier to shop for sheets, they’ve also made it simpler to choose a versatile color combination for your room. Each set comes in a few key masculine colorways, any of which is fit for a modern home. I recently started sleeping on Brooklinen’s Classic Core Sheet Set in a Window Pane pattern, which retains the crisp, clean feeling of the classic white sheet set while also utilizing the calming effect of clean lines. Stuck on more than one colorway? Brooklinen’s flagship set, the Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle, allows you to mix and match your flat and fitted sheet, four pillowcases and a duvet cover, all for only $180. The bundle is the full Brooklinen experience but at a 25 percent savings compared to buying these items separately; and if savings don’t make you sleep better, what will?

Brooklinen has full confidence in their sheets, so much so that they’ll let you try any set for 60 nights. If you’re not hooked, you can return or exchange them, no questions asked. In other words, you can sleep well knowing you’ve made and tested a solid investment that has your comfort in mind, from cotton to colorway.

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