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The Very Best Gear for Playing Pokémon Go

So you’ve caught the Poké-mania. Now what?

Pokemon Go Gear Patrol Lead FUll

Over the past week, the lifelong dreams of millions of millennials came true. Pokémon Go is a global phenomenon; everyone under the age of 30 with a smartphone and an indomitable inner-child has taken to the streets to live out their Pokémon-trainer fantasies and catch ’em all. Plus, you know, making new friends and all that — which, aside from being the Saturday-morning moral bedrock of the TV show, is the best way to learn where to snag the rare catches.

Speaking of the TV show: you might not remember just how much walking Ash and friends did. Or how many picnics they had (which consisted entirely of “donuts,” which were actually rice balls). That shit wasn’t in the game because it was boring. What we love is the catching, the battling, the leveling up. But if you’re looking to be the very best, you’re going to rack up more miles than exp points. So for your sake, you should stock up on supplies for yourself, just like you’d stock up on potions before hitting a gym. (A Pokémon gym. Not a human gym.) Here’s the best gear to travel across the land, searching far and wide.

Fresh Foam Gobi Trail by New Balance $95
Sidewalk, shoreline or sewers — there’s no predicting where your next Pokémon will roam. These shoes can handle any ecosystem with style.

Chocolate Sea Salt Bar, Box of 12 by RXBAR $26
When you find yourself 10 miles from home in unfamiliar territory (because you saw some Poké-leaves rustling on the horizon), make sure hunger doesn’t get in the way of your next Zubat.

Pokémon Ash Ketchum Trainer Cap $5
Because you want to hear a murmur of surprise run through the dog park/Pokémon Gym when you walk onto the field looking for a battle.

miniPRO by Segway $1,000
Because those eggs aren’t going to walk themselves.

Bicycle Security Flag by M-Wave $22
To make yourself visible so that cars can swerve out of the way when you run into traffic after a high-level Eevee. It can also double as a marker for the police for when you stumble upon a dead body.

Pokémon Phone Case by RedBubble $25
So people know not to interrupt you when you are frantically swiping. Also serves to protect your phone when you spike it after the game freezes for the thousandth time.

20000mAh Portable Charger PowerCore by Anker $40
Because you can literally watch your battery life drop to 0% as you play.

830039 Wave Multitool by Leatherman $97
For those pesky locked doors, closed gates and jammed windows that stand in the way of your next catch.

Seventeen Hip Pack by Herschel Supply $30
For holding everything you bought on this list.

Vapur Shades Water Bottle $29
Because unlike Poliwag, you don’t have the ability to Water Absorb.

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