Performance Apparel That’s Literally as Good as Gold

Rhone’s newest technology infuses precious metals into performance fabrics for high-tech, high-performance active wear.

If you think GoldFusion apparel sounds like something out of a sci-fi action flick — perhaps a highly advanced spacesuit future astronauts might wear, or a top-secret technology that double agents risk their lives to intercept and protect — you would be forgiven. On the surface, it seems hyperbolic at best. But you would also be somewhat correct. Somewhat, because it is highly advanced and futuristic, but also completely, terrifically real. Rhone’s GoldFusion is the next evolution in performance wear.

In fact, the people at Rhone behind its development were incredulous, too: Nate Checketts, Rhone co-founder and CEO, thought the technology sounded like magic. And in some ways it is. GoldFusion is literally what it purports to be: real gold, infused directly into performance fabrics to make them perform far, far better.

The eco-friendly gold tech elevates already impressive fabrics to make them dry up to three times faster than competitor products and keep them smelling and feeling fresher far longer. Odor-neutralizing particles incorporated in the tech are proven to remain 99 percent effective after 100 washes, which Rhone claims is four times the length for an average garment. Think that all sounds too good to be true? Like fiction? What about the fact that GoldFusion protects against UV rays and resists color fade? Or that the tech itself is quite earth conscious? The inert, non-toxic formula is produced with almost zero emissions and, though no one would ever recommend you do this, is safe enough to drink.

GoldFusion is available across a range of the two-year-old company’s offerings, which are, simply put, made to be the best. Checketts says his company strives to create “best-in-class products.” If you’re unfamiliar with Rhone, high-end performance wear infused with high-tech precious metals should quickly make that aspiration clear. Rhone’s GoldFusion products are launching on Indiegogo to give early adopters access as soon as possible, presumably so they can pack their gym bags for a trip to the future.

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