Airstream Basecamp

Unlike their most iconic silver-bullet RVs, Airstream’s Basecamp is lighter and more compact.


There aren’t many outdoor RVs and trailers that can truly be considered majestic. Airstreams are the exception: gorgeous, iconic, stately. Their silver aluminum shells, rivets and all, look as retro as they do futuristic, which is a rare feat of design. Though famous for long, silver-bullet-shaped trailers, Airstream’s new Basecamp is a revival of an idea initially floated a decade ago. It features modest dimensions and capacity, and a decidedly different look. But the small trailer is in many ways thoroughly right-sized, able to go places bigger rigs can’t, and less demanding of tow vehicles. It’s not lacking in creature comforts — the two-person beds are roomy and comfortable; its small kitchen, well organized and complete; its bathroom/shower combo, a compact luxury. Moreover, the Basecamp’s versatile layout flips between bedroom, dining room and den in seconds. It’s our new favorite adventure wagon, bar none.


Seating/Sleeping Capacity: 2/4
Dimensions: 16 x 7 x 8.5 feet
Curb Weight: 2,585 lbs
Carrying Capacity: 915 lbs

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