With Blink, Bespoke Is the New Standard in Luxury Travel

Blink is changing the luxury travel game with pop-up residences in remote destinations.

A vacation should be more than a destination crossed off a list. Crowdsourced services from Airbnb and Google are confirmation that personalized travel itineraries are on the rise. Yet none allow as much control over the experience as Blink, a new bespoke service from luxury travel agency Black Tomato, which launched today.

Described by the company as “a series of travel experiences built around temporary accommodation designed to your exact requirements,” Blink reimagines what custom-tailored travel can be, crafting one-of-a-kind itineraries designed according to individual specifications.

Customers begin by completing a survey, specifying everything from style of lodging (tropical villa, dome tent or yurt?) to lighting and bathroom products. Black Tomato then crafts a fully customized itinerary, working with local experts to provide travelers with an experience as immersive and adventurous as they choose.

With 751,074,508,800 possible trip combinations in Blink’s arsenal, no two experiences are ever alike. And once the sojourn comes to a close and Blink’s travelers have departed according to their specifications (supercar, helicopter, or camel?), the lodging folds up and disappears — leaving nothing behind. According to Bloomberg, prices start at a cool $66,000.

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Photos 1,2,6,7 (and homepage): Stéphane Gautronneau; Photos 4,5: Elodie Wilhem

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