Finally — A Protein Bar With Nothing to Hide

RXBARs aren’t like your typical protein bar.

Kayla Ramsey


The first thing you’ll notice when you pick up an RXBAR is that, unlike virtually every other packaged food ever, the core ingredients are listed on the front. The reason? It’s a short list. And, there’s no added sugars, no gluten, no dairy, no soy and no preservatives.

Perhaps what’s most impressive is how short the entire ingredient list is. It’s not unusual for protein bars to have 20, even 30 ingredients. (When’s the last time you cooked something with 30 ingredients? Not even gumbo has 30 ingredients.) RXBARs have far fewer, leaning on nuts and egg whites as their primary protein sources. The rest are equally simple. They’re things like dates and sea salt. The point is that RXBARs aren’t edible laboratory experiments — they’re real food, made with real ingredients.


Spend some time nibbling RXBARs and you’ll also notice they’re delicious, available in nine flavors, like maple sea salt, mint chocolate and peanut butter. Each carries 12 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber all in 210 calories or less. As such, they’re a convenient breakfast, on-the-go snack or pre- or post-workout fuel — one that’s gained a cult following among both soccer dads, urban professionals and health enthusiasts.

Here’s the catch, though, if you want to call it that. RXBARs expire — eventually. But then again, all our favorite real foods tend to do that.

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