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Everything You Need to Put an End to In-Flight Boredom (Forever)

Intelligent packing and a little advanced planning are all you need to master in-flight entertainment.


In the right setting, boredom can be pleasant — a rare moment when the world seems to slow its pace. But being bored and stuck, as on an airplane? That’s far from enjoyable. Whether a multi-leg, long-haul journey or hourlong flight, a quality movie or full-season binge helps to pass the time (and calm nerves among anxious flyers). With airlines nixing seat-back screens, in-flight wi-fi remaining unreliable and some carriers prohibiting the use of cell phones, it’s wise to bring your own entertainment. That means downloading movies in advance, investing in a case that doubles as a stand and carrying a power bank with industry-leading output. Below, find five lightweight, packable essentials to stash in your carry-on, plus three apps that allow for offline media viewing, to keep you entertained and get you to your destination a little faster (if only in your imagination).

Grande Tech Dopp Kit by This Is Ground $249

iPad Air 2 by Apple $399+

iPad Air Smart Cover by Apple $39

PowerCore 20100 Power Bank by Anker $40

QuietComfort 25 Noise-Canceling Headphones by Bose $299

Subscription and iOS App by Netflix $8+

Subscription and iOS App by MUBI $6+

Subscription and iOS App by Amazon Prime $9+

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