This Hotel Will Spice Up Your Sex Life, Guaranteed

Luxurious, sexy and sustainable — with views to kill for.

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The Standard — a respectable, good hotelier with premier locations in high-foot-traffic areas of Manhattan — has banked a good bit of its advertising on how sexy their hotels are. Sex is on full display: in copy, photos and floor to ceiling windows. It lures a lusty, manic city to succumb to what’s constantly brewing an inch below the surface: fleeting, fever pitch hot moments. And as good as life is there at the edge of vitality, there’s a different color of sexy on display across the East River — one that hits on all the right triggers, without any of the brash egotism.

There’s a different color of sexy on display across the East River — one that hits on all the right triggers, without any of the brash egotism.

The 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Park opened this spring, on the near-waterfront of the namesake park. In line with the 1 Hotel’s ethos (and, not insignificantly, much of Brooklyn’s), the hotel offers sustainable yet luxurious lodging. That translates to materials used (e.g., pine beams from the former Domino Sugar Factory and walnut from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens) and amenities offered (e.g., an energy efficient smart and cooling system and filtered water tap) — plus small, distinctive touches, like living plants or trees in every room, bike valet, organic bedding and a Tesla Model X serving as a local shuttle. For those who tend to worry about the ecological impact of their conspicuous consumption, all of this is a service. You then have the freedom to invoke other indulgences.

Floor-to-ceiling glass forms the exoskeleton of the hotel, and these windows frame panoramic views of the Financial District and the Brooklyn Bridge. So if the natural materials, the expansive lobby bar or the wraparound rooftop bar (opening this summer) haven’t seduced you to NYC’s aesthetic charms, go down to the room, turn off the lights, open the windows wide, and let the twinkling, ever-moving ecosystem of the city lure you in. It’s an urban, luxurious and racy type of sexy; not for the brash, but perfect for those given to refined indulgences.

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