Forget the Caribbean; This Bermuda Resort Is the Spot

An asylum for weary city-dwellers.

The sand at Pink Beach is pink. The crystals of sand are the hue of a conch. This is because the archipelago that makes up the fish-hook of Bermuda is the breached rim of a submarine volcano’s caldera, forming a seamount. That seamount turned to limestone under the hungry munching of marine organisms over millennia, then it rose to the surface. Waves beat that limestone into a pink pulp, and now, this beach is a paradisal cove the color of a cloudless sunrise.

In the last three years, the cottages that rose on the hillside above Pink Beach were also pummeled; a British banker knocked them down, then raised an impressive European-inspired, Bermuda-faithful resort, The Loren at Pink Beach. It’s the first new construction resort on the island in 45 years. The timing is impressive — and strategic. America’s Cup is on the brink, and the hotel opened doors just months before the tourists and sailing aficionados hit like a Cat 4 hurricane.

This stretch of elevated seamount is the perfect respite for those seeking city-life asylum.

Hotels are booming on Bermuda: a St. Regis and Reserve by Ritz-Carlton are also under construction, and the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club underwent a $100 million renovation. But the Loren finished the job ahead of time, and — after spending a week on its idyllic grounds — it finished the job well. The hotel is a premier lodging, with capacious rooms and tasteful decor. Located on the southeast side of the island, it’s also a peaceful distance from the bustle of Hamilton, a sort of enclave unto itself (unlike the Princess, which sits in near the center of town).

On-resort dining is under the tutelage of NYC’s Tim Sullivan, of the catering firm Great Performances. The Pink Beach Club offers breakfast, lunch and dinner on the cliffs over the Atlantic, and Marée is a fine-dining experience closer to the hotel’s core. Both provide fresh fare sourced from local fisherman and farmers, like Bermy Fresh and Tom Wadson — one of the island’s best farmers (and most opinionated characters). The food is on par with the bar the price sets and unlike mainland urban fare, the portions don’t shrink as the dollars rise.

The Spa offers a full menu of services, from massages to pedicures, and the gym is in line with modern expectations. The pool spills over into the ocean, the views are showstoppers from every vista and the boutique resort — at 40 rooms — never feels crowded. This stretch of elevated seamount is the perfect respite for those seeking asylum from city life, and this top-notch hotel is perched picturesquely and operates flawlessly on these pink shores.

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