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G-Shock’s Newest Watch Is a Pilot’s Watch Made for the 21st Century

Brains meet brawn in this Bluetooth-connected, near-indestructible watch.

Ever since the inventor of G-Shock, Kikuo Ibe, accidentally broke the beloved mechanical watch gifted to him from his father more than 35 years ago, Ibe and Casio have been on a mission to create some of the world’s toughest watches. That mission was initially accomplished in 1983 when G-Shock launched its first watch, the DW-5000C; but ten years later, the concept was pushed further with the introduction of the Master of G line, fulfilling the needs of professionals working in demanding (and often dangerous) environments. The line has birthed modern-day icons like the deep-diving Frogman and the mud-resistant Mudman, but its latest watch — the Gravitymaster — has its sights set to the skies.

The Gravitymaster first appeared a few years ago, but this year’s addition, the GPW2000, brings about some serious upgrades in functionality. Most notably, it brings Bluetooth to the table — a first for the Master of G series — allowing for smartphone connectivity and adding a host of practical functions for pilots. For instance, the Bluetooth, in conjunction with GPS position tracking, allows the watch to re-adjust its time setting automatically, so the wearer always has the right time. Just finished a flight from New York to London? Now you don’t need to fiddle with the watch’s crown. The watch also features a world time function and a button that instantly shows UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), essential info for pilots flying through multiple time zones.


With the G-Shock Connected smartphone app, other features on the watch, such as the alarm and the world time setting, can be adjusted on your phone, making the Gravitymaster’s many features all the more easy to use. The app also contains a flight log in the form of a map that details the wearer’s travels according to data from the watch, such as time and location tracking. The watch also features both latitude and longitude info, key information for pilots carrying out their missions.

Of course, this is a G-Shock after all, so in addition to all its smart functionality, it is, at the end of the day, one of the toughest watches you can get. The watch is water resistant to 200 meters; its resin and stainless steel build give it top-tier shock, vibration, and g-force resistance; the anti-magnetic plate on the interior keeps magnetic fields from throwing off the movement of the watch’s hands. The watch’s resin strap (which has a carbon fiber insert) is also held firmly in place by a carbon fiber stoppers rather than a traditional spring bar, which keeps the band from coming loose even if when harsh vibrations come into play. Oh, and it’s solar powered, so there is no need for constant battery changes.

Wristwatches have long been essential tools for pilots, but in terms of functionality, few pilot’s watches have featured much more than a chronograph or a GMT hand; the watches are also fairly fragile. The Gravitymaster, though, is keeping up with the times, utilizing our ever-present smartphones to become more than just a time-telling apparatus.

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