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The Best Gifts for the Dudes In Your Family

You spend so much time with them, you’d think you would know what they want.

Henry Phillips


Shopping for the guys in your family can be a complicated task. The pressure to produce a quality gift often leaves us without the slightest idea about where to begin, despite living with them and seeing them at every family gathering. The trick is to combine aspiration with thoughtfulness and match it to the personality and lifestyle of the family member you’re shopping for — and who better to pin down and define those traits than you.

Nest Cam Indoor


For the Master of the Home: There’s nothing worse than the itchy feeling at the back of your mind telling you that something isn’t right back at home. Your home is your sanctuary, after all, and whether you’re worried about something small, like Fido getting into the trash, or something more serious, like an unwanted intruder, Nest Cam Indoor can keep you in the loop with everything that happens while you’re away. The camera provides a live, wide-angle, 1080p HD feed to your smartphone wherever you are and sends you smart alerts triggered by movement and noise so that you don’t have to monitor 24/7. Nest also lets you listen in and even talk through a built-in mic (just in case you want to tell Santa thanks for the gifts).

Buy Now:$199

Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder


For the Workaholic Brother: Every family has a member who hasn’t quite managed to figure out the work-life balance. For him, it’s the small daily easements that make a difference, like those conferred by a quality cup of coffee. Baratza’s prosumer grinder is best in class for everything from espresso to French press. Forgive your bro for persistently scrolling through emails at the breakfast table, and maybe he’ll brew a cup for you.

Buy Now: $229

Filson Small Travel Kit


For the Sibling Who’s Always Crashing at Your Place: It can be difficult to give a thoughtful gift to the wayward sibling without sending the wrong message (that message being, “find somewhere else to live”). Instead of thinking in grand terms, stick to quality necessities, like this leather accented twill Dopp kit. It’ll let that sibling know you’re ok with him crashing at your place, as long as he leaves the bathroom sink uncluttered.

Buy Now: $79



For the Man of the House: If a fully-equipped living room is the foundation of a comfortable home, then the television is its cornerstone. OLED TVs are the most beautiful money can buy, producing richer, more lifelike hues from within bodies that are thinner than ever. And when it comes to OLED, LG is leading the pack (and has been since 2013), making this particular model a sound centerpiece that the man of the house is sure to appreciate.

Buy Now: $1,697

Glerups The Boot Slippers


For the Homebody Relative: It might be strange to gift slippers to a friend, but luckily no stigma would prevent you from giving them to someone in your own family, especially if that particular individual spends most of his time in the house (or lives in the basement). Glerups are made with 100% natural wool, so they’re guaranteed to be comfortable and toasty. What’s more, they’re pretty damn stylish, too — for slippers.

Buy Now: $125

Kalavan Ex-Bourbon Barrel Single Malt


For the Dad Who Has Everything: In every family, there is a man who doesn’t wait until the holidays to fulfill his wants. He’s the most difficult to shop for because he seemingly already has everything. One thing he does not have, however, is a bottle of liquid amber produced by an award-winning distillery that hails from Taiwan’s Yilan County. While the permanence of all his other “things” makes them uninteresting, Kavalan’s single malt is fleeting, and therefore, memorable.

Buy Now: $135

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