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The Best Gifts for Your Friends

Show them your appreciation for their undying companionship and appeal to their unique sensibilities this season.



Your friends play an incredibly dynamic role in your life – they’re like the human incarnation of a vacation you don’t have to travel anywhere to experience. Friends will listen to your problems, your ideas, your jokes (whether or not they laugh is a different measure) — they’re there through thick and thin. So why not show them your appreciation for their undying companionship and appeal to their unique sensibilities this season? It doesn’t have to be out of this world — it just has to be a clear “thanks for being there.”

Fulton & Roark Limited Reserve: Sterling Fragrance


Finding the right gift for your well-kept, well-groomed friend can be one of the tougher shopping missions you’ll embark on. They have particular tastes especially when it comes to fragrances. Overbearing and harsh spray-on colognes are all too common and are exactly what your friend avoids. Try Sterling by Fulton & Roark: it’s a solid fragrance made of a microcrystalline wax and has the light, sophisticated aroma of smooth leather with notes of aromatic tobacco, dark amber and vanilla.

Buy Now: $60

Amazon Echo


The Amazon Echo continues to be the standard bearer when it comes to user-friendly smart-home tech. Now in its second generation, the Echo has been restyled and comes with a new speaker and can be specced in a range of fabrics or wood veneers. It’s the perfect gift for the tech-centric friend who has one million different devices going at once. The Echo declutters your friend’s day and their home by putting Pandora, calendar, weather, traffic and news all in one place. It can also be set up to control smart lights and thermostats — just about smart-anything.

Buy Now: $100

Mazama Wares Pint Glasses


For your beer aficionado friend who has probably tasted beers from all over the world — whether they’ve traveled to do so or just sat on their couch — you can be sure they appreciate a true 20oz Imperial pint glass. But not just any regular shaker — it’ll look like you swiped it from the pub around the corner. The Mazama Wares Pint Glass is a work of art. It’s a piece of glassware they can appreciate, along with the brew that’s in it.

Buy Now: $136

Snow Peak Titanium French Press


Everyone has a friend who really enjoys coffee. As in, takes time to savor the smells and the taste to the very last sip. When they’re home, they no doubt make it themselves; when they aren’t home, they’re hoping to make a cup wherever they happen to be. The Snow Peak Titanium French Press helps in that exact situation, in not only making a quality cup of joe but looking good while steeping it.

Buy Now: $56

Bellroy All-Conditions Essentials Pocket


You’ll notice that consistent and frequent travelers always have an arsenal of essentials on every trip. The trouble with having so many things to look after is that it all becomes a disorganized mess of random but necessary items: passport, phone, wireless charger, USB cables, credit cards, plane tickets, etc. In that regard, the Bellroy All-Conditions Essentials Pocket is a godsend. It can pack all those things in one place and barely takes up any more space than your standard dopp kit.

Buy Now: $140

Timex x Todd Snyder The Military Watch


Taking a liking to the latest collaboration between Timex and Todd Snyder doesn’t require a full-on love affair for watches. The classic design and style can be appreciated by just about anyone of your friends.

Buy Now: $136

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