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Super 8

Small town sci-fi with plenty of laughs


While Steven Spielberg has been busy wearing in his boots as the bankroller of nearly every mega-budget Sci-Fi production over the last few years, we’ve personally missed him behind the camera. Thankfully, J.J. Abrams has been methodically honing his Spielberg impersonation skills with each passing film he’s directed. Super 8 was certainly his best outing to date for fans of the classic American summer blockbuster — blending strong elements of E.T. with a dash of Jurassic Park. The result is the magical one-two punch of topical humor and action/suspense that any movie fan can enjoy. Critics have pointed out that it’s still well short of the master’s feat, but as learning curves go, we can’t be too critical of the results.

Editor’s Note: Stick it out through the credits to watch the kid’s own Super 8 movie if you’re in need of more laughs. You won’t be disappointed.

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