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Ian Fleming’s James Bond Kindle Collection

(Nearly) Instant Intrigue


You’ve watched all the Bond movies — yes, even George Lazenby’s go at it. But the on-screen secret agent born from the extravagant wallet of Albert R. Broccoli bares only a fleeting resemblance to the card-carrying killer of Ian Fleming’s 14 seminal novels. The entire Bond book series has always been available in paperback form (lest your Kindle-crazed mind forget), but if you’re looking for a faster solution to earn your license to kill, Ian Fleming’s James Bond Kindle Collection ($98) is the only digital game in town, thanks to a 10-year exclusive North American distribution deal inked by the retail giant.

Luckily, Amazon’s Kindle platform plays nicely with just about every device out there (save the Nook), and they’ve even made some noteworthy improvements after the recent deal — including the restoration of each book to the original text printed between 1953 and 1966 and the creation of stunning new covers in bold red, black and white colors. Plus, at $7 a pop, your Moneypenny-pinching ways can finally take a back seat to raw, impulsive reading.

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Buy Now: Single Novel $7 | Entire Series $98

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