This Week in Culture: September 5, 2014

This Week in Culture: IKEA’s images are fake, send-ups of a Linkin Park jam, the discovery of a giant dinosaur, the NFL’s secret finances and more.

An Idea ManTim Ferriss interviews Kevin Kelly, a senior maverick at Wired magazine and “one of the most interesting human beings” Ferriss has ever met. Ferriss’s multi-part podcast covers Kelly’s unique non-profit organization, creative writing, life advice and more.
In the EndIn Ten Second Songs, Anthony Valbiro performs a popular song in the styles of various other musicians and bands. This week he targeted Linkin Park’s “In the End”. Hear it sung like Enya, Michael Jackson, the Offspring and 17 others.
An iPhone AheadThe new Apple iPhone 6 will be introduced at a media event on September 9. MacRumors tells us what to expect.
Football SecretsFor one of America’s most public businesses, the NFL is run in a extremely private manner. Businessweek takes a peek at the intrinsic finances behind the best show on turf.
Fake FurnitureThe images in IKEA’s catalogues are fake — or at least most of them are. The past few years have seen IKEA’s visualization team move almost completely toward CG. CGSociety asks Martin Enthed, furniture company’s IT manager, why they went digital.
Dreadnoughtus UnearthedAt 30 feet tall and over 130,000 pounds, a skeleton recently found in Patagonia belongs to one of the largest animals that ever lived. At nearly twice the size of the better-known Brachiosaurus, its intact remains are quite the big deal, The New York Times reports.
Blame MediaMichael Sam, the NFL’s first openly gay athlete, was cut by the St. Louis Rams, but then quickly signed with the Dallas Cowboys’ practice squad. Bleacher Report looks at the deeper issues of the Sam “situation”. In a more lighthearted vein, players read mean tweets about themselves.
KitesThis week Gear Patrol took to the wind and waves to celebrate the end of summer. Check out our Kiteboarding primer and our interview with one of the sport’s brightest lights, Aaron Hadlow.
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