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Today in Gear: End Your Week Here

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios.

Are you still looking for a bluetooth speaker? Do you have $15? Well then consider Ikea’s new Vappeby. The brand just announced a portable, waterproof bluetooth speaker that retails for just $14.99. At full charge, the device can supply up to 80 hours of play time (at 50 percent volume). It’s designed for indoor/outdoor use and can hold its own in damp areas. In fact, Ikea emphasizes that you can, ‘even drop it in the water without damaging the speaker.’ Their team also suggests purchasing two identical speakers for stereo sound, and offers the model in three different colors. Measuring just three inches tall and three inches wide, this is a compact little speaker you’ll want to bring everywhere.

Today we’re taking a look at a new hammock stand, hemp tee shirt collection and a snug weighted blanket. This is Today in Gear.

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios. Send your most pressing product questions to tig@gearpatrol.com.

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Meet Hive: A Portable, Two-Person Hammock Stand

Billed as, ‘the world’s first portable hammock stand for two,’ Hive can technically support up to three hammocks at one time. Free-standing and designed around a patented truss system, the hammock makes cosleeping possible; without any extra gear or trees. Packed up, it weighs 15 pounds, and the brand insists it’s more compact than any other free-standing hammock on the market. Plus, thanks to the truss system, the hammock is extra stable, with no risk of tipping over while you’re sleeping.


Make This 4/20 Easier
Higher Standards

Higher Standards teamed up with Banana Bros. to create the new ‘Otto’ grinder ($200). The device is designed for dry herb and can quickly grind it down to the perfect consistency (for a cone) in seconds. Why does this matter? An even grind can prevent air pockets and ‘canoeing,’ — and help you show off to friends. Plus, thanks to the ‘Mill & Fill’ feature, fans can use the Otto to automatically pack their cones. So if you’re looking for the best way to streamline your flow, look no further than the Otto.


Speaking of Hemp…
Buck Mason

Buck Mason just dropped the Yuma Hemp Tee ($55). The breathable, heavyweight hemp tees come in six colors and are made with a burly hemp/cotton blend. They’re designed to wick moisture and will quickly find their way to the front of your closet. Each tee is ‘garment washed’ to ensure a well-loved look and feel, which only compliments the soft glow hemp apparel is known for.


The Cozy Weighted Blanket You’ve Been Looking For

While weighted blankets have held a special place in our hearts for a while now, Luna’s version might have just changed the game. The ten-pound Double Sided Sherpa Weighted Blanket ($85) features plush-like (OEKO-TEX® 100 certified) fabric on both sides. Medical-grade glass beads are woven into the blanket’s fibers to help distribute weight evenly and the weight of the blanket is designed to naturally stimulate your body’s biochemistry to induce a calming effect that can help release serotonin and boost melatonin production while you sleep. Available now, fans can customize the weight, size and color of the blanket to their preferences.


Calling All Snoop Operators

Looking to round out your Peanuts merch? Shop the new Toms x Peanuts collection. Choc-full of fan-favorite styles, the full lineup includes shoes for kids, adults and even babies. These styles take the comfortable, slip-on shoe that Toms is known for and transform them into must-have merch for all your favorite peanuts. So if you’ve got a Snoop-lover at home, make sure to bring home one of these flashy shoes today.


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