Best of 2015: Photography

A look back at the best of GP’s photography over 2015 — from the beauty of mis-exposed film in the Swiss Alps to stunning images of the American West’s largest wildfires.


365 days is a lot of time to seek out stories on adventure, gear, and everything in between. Here’s a look back at the best of GP’s photography over the course of 2015 — from the beautiful alternative reality of mis-exposed film in the Swiss Alps to stunning images of the American West’s largest wildfires.

The Stories

Say Cheese

The Real Toll of the West’s Battle with Fire

Stuart Palley

By Stuart Palley: Wildfire fighters are saving the American west — and paying the price. Stuart Palley spent the summer embedded with them in order to capture their plight.

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Hot Rod Racing on the Beaches of Wildwood


By Bryan Campbell: Pre-war hotrods and motorcycles race on the beach in a period-themed, timeless event.

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The Beauty and Spectacle of the Monaco Grand Prix 2015


By Eric Yang: The motif of Monaco is beauty. Beautiful people, cars, racing, landscape. GP was there to capture the beauty in timeless black and white.

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Life and Labor Aboard a Maine Lobster Boat


By Jack Seemer: For the lobstermen who call Penobscot Bay home, there is no off-season, and unpredictable waters make their jobs difficult and dangerous throughout the year. We paid one boat a visit to see what goes into catching a Maine lobster.

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A Long Lunch with the Lancia Delta Integrale


By Henry Phillips: Escaping the city in a ’90s rally legend.

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Helicopters, April Powder and a Hasselblad


By Henry Phillips: Who says you can’t get good snow in the middle of April? We bid farewell to winter with four days of heli-skiing in Western Canada. (To see the photo essay in its entirety, subscribe to the Gear Patrol magazine.)

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Inside Brooklyn’s Traditional Japanese Indigo Studio


By Jack Seemer & J. Travis Smith: Inside Buasiou Brooklyn, where artists are using traditional indigo practices from Japan to “up-cycle” used clothing.

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Crossing the Border into Baja California’s Tough, Dusty Wasteland

drp Productions

By Matt Neundorf: A motorcycle journey from L.A. to the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir mountains, taking the hard, rutted roads.

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Driving the 730 Horsepower Ferrari F12berlinetta


By Henry Phillips & Chase Pellerin: Even in NYC traffic, the rules of this car remain: hit the pedal and don’t look back.

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The Splendor of Milford Sound, Under Rain and Fog


By Jack Seemer & Sung Han: Dubbed “the eighth wonder of the world” for its impressive natural landscape, Milford Sound is the geographic sum of several millennia in the making.

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An Old Surfer’s Heyday, in Film


Ballard Trent Edwards V: In Hawaii during the late 1970s, after the last of the night’s parties and music and campfires had died down, Ballard Trent Edwards V would strap a massive longboard to the roof of his VW Fastback and drive to the beach.

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Risk and Reward at the Small-Town Rodeo


By Henry Phillips: There’s big-time rodeo, and then there’s small-town rodeo. The two worlds are wildly different, and on the small scale, the stakes in safety are very high. (To see the photo essay in its entirety, subscribe to the Gear Patrol magazine.)

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The Fortuitous Panorama of Mis-Exposed Film


Jeff Masamori: A misstep with a Canon F-1 turned a few rolls of film photography into a hazy look at the Old World.

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At the 2015 Miami Open, Shades of Tennis Royalty


By Jack Seemer: The purple courts of the Miami Masters have become an iconic symbol of the South Florida tournament, which draws a roster of tennis stars every year.

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Postard: The Final Days of the TWA Terminal


By Henry Phillips: Time traveling to the heyday of Eero Saarinen’s neo-futuristic TWA Flight Center.

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