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Lonely Planet Releases Travel Guides to 38 Cities — For Free

Lonely Planet, the biggest travel guidebook publisher in the world, just made travel a whole lot easier.


Travel just got easier. Lonely Planet, the largest publisher of travel guidebooks in the world, recently launched their new app, called Guides. The free app makes available the same in-depth tips on what to see and eat, and where to stay, shop and let loose, that the company has published since 1972, all in the portability of an iOS or Android phone. In its current state, the app provides guides on 38 cities around the world (with the promise of more coming soon), including well-traveled destinations such as London, New York and Paris, and the lesser-visited cities of Rio de Janeiro, Kyoto and Montreal, each with roughly a thousand entries that include descriptions and relevant travel information. The 38 guides are available for download, allowing you to bring offline maps, city overviews and even budget tips wherever you go. And unlike traditional paper guides, each guide includes a search bar and allows users to view points of interest by proximity to their current location.

We’ve been focusing on travel for the past week, and Guides marks another example of how travel, from transportation to choosing your next outing, has only gotten easier in the digital age. Below are a few highlights from our recent globetrotting coverage.

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