New Coke

The Original Just Got Better


As result of the ultra secretive inner company workings of Coca-Cola executives known as “Project Kansas”, consumers finally have something to replace the now boring old soft drink known as Coke. Packed with more yummy tasting high fructose corn syrup to beat out even Pepsi in the sweetness category, the new formulation of Coke (known as “New Coke”) looks poised to recapture the company’s glory days and bring this American soft drink back into the public lime light. Unfortunately we haven’t had the chance to try the stuff ourselves, but general survey data shows that most who have love the stuff. However just to be fair, Fidel Castro who is a longtime Coke drinker, has called New Coke a sign of American capitalist decadence. All politics aside though, we have no doubt that this beloved American corporation has done its home work when it comes to this bold move, and history will soon show that New Coke was the smartest decision Coca-Cola CEO Roberto Goizueta ever made for the company.

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