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A Master of Productivity Shares His Essential App, Favorite Airport and More

Eight questions in two minutes — fittingly — with the author of The Four-Hour Workweek.


Tim Ferriss is a busy man. He’s known for his award-winning book on productivity, The Four-Hour Work Week, and we caught up with him while he was in NYC to promote his new book Tools of Titans and close out the NASDAQ. It’s fitting, then, that our interview with him covered eight questions in a mere two minutes. You can read Ferriss’s new book for insight into the habits of some of the world’s most powerful people. If you want a quick glimpse into his busy life, read our interview (conducted by our founder, Eric Yang) to learn about his essential app, favorite airport and more.

Q: What time is your alarm set for?
A: My alarm is set for 7:50 a.m.

Q: Where are you going right after this interview?
A: Right after this, I’m going to have a glass of wine — maybe three — with my friends.

Q: World’s best airport?
A: World’s best airport…Copenhagen, Denmark.

Q: Alright, you’ve met a lot of people. Who’s someone you’ve never met who’s most influenced you?
A: Someone I’ve never met who’s most influenced me…probably Richard Feynman. Physicist, merry prankster.

Q: What’s one essential app you can’t live without, besides Uber?
A: One essential app I can’t live without besides Uber is Evernote. I use it for all my book research.

Q: Most humbling moment in recent memory?
A: Most humbling moment in recent memory…a few years ago, completely forgetting Spanish when I was on National Spanish Radio. That was awful. I literally abandoned halfway though, and I was just like, “Can we not do this?” It was bad.

Q: Are you a car guy? And if so, which one?
A: Ah, I am not so much of a car guy, but if I had to pick, it would probably be the 2016 Volkswagen Golf. Of all things.

Q: Alright. Bonus last question: How many hours did you work last week?
A: How many hours did I work last week on book launch! Well, I would say take the total number of hours, subtract two or three hours for sleep, and that’s the answer. I have no problem with hard work, folks; just gotta apply it to the right things.

Tim Ferriss, Live

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