8 Women We’re Celebrating This Women’s Day

Pioneers in the future of gear and adventure.


Today is many things: a day of solidarity, of recognition, of celebration and, perhaps for some, of education. For us, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the many women in the fields we follow every day — motoring, outdoors, tech, design, and on and on — who are pushing boundaries for themselves, for their respective industries, and for their colleagues.

With that reflection comes celebration, but also acknowledgment — acknowledgment, specifically, of the number of challenges millions of women face around the world. The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day reflects one such challenge: “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030.” The challenges both include and transcend workplace inequality. But it’s certainly a place to start.

The strides made by the creatives, the enterprisers, and the strong leaders we admire should inspire hope for continued progress and respect for what women are capable of. And that goes for both the women you read about and the women you see every day. Whatever you take away from this year’s Women’s Day — just know that these women are killing it.

A Conversation with the Woman behind the New Acura NSX

Eric Adams

Acura’s Michelle Christensen shows in the new NSX supercar that great design melds purpose and emotion. We discuss her intentions in design.

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Jessica Banks’ Levitating Shelves, Folding Tables and Smart Furniture


RockPaperRobot, founded by Jessica Banks, makes furniture that blends innovation and function, and is inspired by principles of physics.

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Inside the World of Women’s Elite Cycling

hi matt
Sung Han

A profile of the women racers of Velo Classic p/b Stan’s NoTubes, following the women’s elite racing season of 2016.

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All the Ruggedness of the Pacific Northwest, Aboard a 1960s Yacht

Photographer Coco Aramaki

Photographer Coco Aramaki set about to capture the entirety of the San Juan Islands in eight days. Here’s what she saw.

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Celebrated Chef Bonnie Morales Names Her Favorite Knives

Olga Mazurenko

From a Japanese chef’s knife to razor-edged paring knives, these are the blades that keep Portland’s Bonnie Morales sharp in the kitchen.

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The Woman Who’s Turned Wedding Photography into a Career Shooting Vintage Cars


Amy Shore is a photographer based in Leicestershire, England, and she’s found herself elbow deep in mind-bendingly beautiful vintage cars.

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Two Former Warby Parker Execs Are Taking On the Luggage Industry


Away’s new luggage line is made for people who travel — but don’t want the headache.

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