A Better Night’s Sleep Is Only One Pillow Quiz Away

Slumbr’s Pillow Menu has something for everyone.


“We see that pillow preference is very personal. That’s why we offer a menu — no one pillow will serve all.” Michelle Fishberg, co-founder of Slumbr, wrote back and forth with me for days, nerding out about pillows. I’m a big fan of informative data; Slumbr is a company built on the idea that a great pillow will improve sleep and backed by a lot of data. Fishberg cites the National Sleep Foundation, which “indicates that 29 percent sleep with one pillow on the bed, 43 percent sleep with two and 27 percent sleep with three or more pillows on the bed.” That’s a lot of pillows to get perfect.

You have to know about yourself to get the right pillow from Slumbr: on the site, customers take a quiz to factor in their sleep habits and preferences, then are directed to suggestions from the “menu” of options. “Our most popular pillow is our Lyra Latex Pillow — it’s springy, pressure-relieving and sleeps cooler than memory foam. However, we have diehard fans of our Ara Buckwheat Pillow. The fill will contour to your body for personalized support.” There are down and down alternatives, latex and down combos and more. Pillows cost anywhere from $60 to $225.

I ended up with four different pillows — I did a bad job on the quiz because I didn’t know a couple answers. (Do you know if you’re on your stomach/back/side when you wake up? You’ll have to.) I’ve lent pillows to guests as well, and to rave reviews. We’ve all found pillows that work best.

In general, I’m a bad sleeper and I have some neck issues. Slumbr’s approach is a welcome one — I’m glad to have the right cushion for my sleepy head. Study up, take the quiz and, hopefully, sleep better.

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