Stop Writing With Crappy BICs; Buy This Heavy Brass $90 Pen Instead

A pen is a tool; it should be substantial, and it can be incredibly beautiful.


Do me a favor: find a pen and just hold it for a few seconds. Any pen will do, though the pen you use most is best. Is it substantial? Is it smooth to operate? Is it satisfying to click? Is it beautiful? The majority of you will say no to all those questions — you’re holding a cheap BIC from the office supply closet, or whatever you grabbed from that mediocre hotel last month. Some of you are holding high-end fountain pens, graduation or promotion gifts. But I bet none of you are holding a Mechanical Pen from Inventery, and that means none of you can unequivocally say yes to my queries.

Sucks for you. I’ve been holding, clicking, writing with, and admiring an Inventery pen for the better part of two weeks. It’s substantially heavy, at nearly 58 grams — a single piece of brass makes up the thick barrel. It’s a smooth writer — liquid ink from Schmidt transforms writing from passive scratching to a deliberate pursuit. It’s smooth to click because there is no click — the mechanism is a near-silent and non-plastic. It is drop-dead gorgeous — unibody machines brass, in brushed or polished chrome or stealthy black oxide. It looks and feels like a tactical weapon, it sports a flat edge to prevent rolling, and etched in its side is a serial number to denote its significance. Each pen is backed by a lifetime warranty. Hell, even the website is a thing of beauty.

Forget the BIC. Ditch the pretentious filigreed fountain. Go brass, go for design. Go for a substantial, beautiful satisfying tool instead.

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