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The 50 Cars That Completely Changed the Automotive World

Episode Thirty-Three of the GP Podcast: Listen Now

50 best cars
Gear Patrol

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In this episode, Staff Writer Tyler Duffy joins to talk about a series of posts he recently authored that identifies the 50 most influential cars of the past 50 years. Tyler explains what "influential" means in this context, how he selected the 50 cars and the top car of each decade, and why his list isn't of the 50 best cars. For car enthusiasts, a list like this is a hot-button topic. Regardless of your relationship to cars, Tyler's methodology is fascinating and makes a compelling argument.

Show Notes:

Episode Navigation:

01:00 – Influential versus "Best"

08:15 – If You Change An Iconic Car, Is It Still The Same Car?

13:30 – The One Quality That Makes A Car "Influential"

16:30 – How Tyler Chose These 50 Cars

19:20 – Cars That Didn't Make The Cut

22:05 – The Most Influential Car On The List

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