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Will Apple's Digital Driver's Licenses Be a Privacy Nightmare?

Government IDs on your phone; trucks are finally getting smaller; and after 18 months of COVID WFH, what products have endured, and what do we really need now?

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Today we begin with a talk about future tech: Apple is working very hard to replace your physical wallet with a digital one; specifically, they're pushing to introduce digital driver's licenses. We'll address the ideas and concerns surrounding those. Then, automakers are introducing a spate of compact pickups. Trucks have gotten more popular and much larger, are these smaller variants an antidote to that segment literally growing too much? Finally, we end with a discussion about working from home–it's been 18 months of COVID, and we explore the role of products in our WFH environments these days. What works, what we really need, and some new tech aimed directly at folks with newly permanent home offices.

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03:10 – Apple's Forthcoming Digital Driver's Licenses

16:00 – Compact Pickup Trucks: A Welcome Automotive Segment?

27:20 – The "Logi Dock" and Our Relationship with WFH Products 18 M0nths post-COVID

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