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iPhone 13, New iPads, Bigger Watches: Unpacking the September Apple Event

The biggest announcements from this week's Apple Event; the Michelin Uptis airless tire; Taco Bell wants to recycle your used empty plastic sauce packets.

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First, the biggest announcements from this week's Apple Event–a typical maelstrom of devices and upgrades, but no real shockers. Mostly iterative (but impressive) upgrades, like a 1TB iPhone... Then we'll talk about the Michelin Uptis: an airless tire that's been expected for years. It's objectively revolutionary, but what do we think about practical use-cases and what are we still wondering about? Lastly, Taco Bell wants their sauce packets back! The company has a new system that allows folks to return their empty plastic packets to be recycled.

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  • 03:20 – Deconstructing the September Apple Event
  • 36:50 – Michelin Uptis Airless Tire
  • 49:20 – Taco Bell's Sauce Packet Recycling Program

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