This Watch Strap is Made From Recycled Plastic

Oris put its iconic Divers Sixty-Five watch onto a textile strap made from recycled plastic to help cut down on plastic use.


Our dependency on plastic is having major consequences for the planet. Great strides are being made to combat this dependency, but it’s the small items that you might not consider even use plastic that can cause the biggest environmental impact. To aid in the fight, Swiss watchmaker Oris recently developed a watch strap made from recycled plastic to help do its own part in cutting down on consumption.

The strap is a material called r-Radyarn, which is made from post-consumer recycled polymers. Utilizing an existing material and removing the need for consuming further natural resources, Oris paired this innovative strap with its tried-and-true Divers Sixty-Five for a one-of-a-kind watch that looks good and does good for the planet, too.


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