The Best Home Features of 2018

There’s something to be said about a chewy feature that challenges you to pause and reconsider your disposition on a particular subject — here are ten about the home.


Let’s face it: in the age of Youtube and Instagram Stories, attention spans are shrinking. And most content we read online caters to our collective desire to glean information quickly, and without much effort. But there’s something to be said about a chewy feature that challenges you to pause and reconsider your disposition on a particular subject — so here are ten, ranging from an in-depth look at the organization that determines which coffee maker you buy to a survey of the breweries reviving well-made lagers.

The 25 Best Coffee Roasters in America

From old-school coffee stalwarts to deep-cut competition roasters, these are the absolute best coffee roasters in America.

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MUJI, the IKEA of Japan, Sets Its Sights on America

In 2018, MUJI marked its 10-year anniversary in the US with new stores opening across the country. We sat down with Toru Tsunoda, President of MUJI USA and the man responsible for bringing its minimalist...

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What Makes This Coffee Maker the Best? More Than You Might Think.

The Specialty Coffee Association does not pull punches when testing the coffee makers that eventually wind up in your kitchen.

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The Art of the Blend: The Best Brewers Do More Than Just Brew

Inspired by one of the oldest traditions in beer making, American brewers embrace blending.

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This Shop Features Some of the Coolest Japanese Products in the World, and You’ve Never Heard of Any of Them

Wedged between Manhattan neighborhoods, Nalata Nalata's dreamy shop features some of the most impressive craftsmanship in New York City.

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America’s Most Celebrated Knife Maker Is Just Getting Started

Bob Kramer has spent 25 years trying to forge a better chef's knife. Now America's most celebrated bladesmith is setting out to unravel the mysteries of steel itself.

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This Tiny Store in New Orleans Might Be the Best Place to Buy Japanese Chef’s Knives in the US

Get a knife made by a 750-year-old name that used to make swords for the Emperor.

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Why Herman Miller’s Cosm Is the Most Important Office Chair in Decades

No company has ever made an office chair like Herman Miller's latest, including Herman Miller itself. Meet the Cosm.

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This Quaint LA Store Sells Better Versions of Everything You Own

The Good Liver, a tightly-curated general store in the shadow of I-10 in Los Angeles, doesn't just sell products — it tells stories.

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In the World of IPAs, Craft Lagers Make a Comeback

Amid hop fatigue and maturing palates, well-made lagers mount a long-awaited comeback.

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This Year in Gear

Just like that, 2018 has come and gone. Take a look back at the best of what the past 365 days had to offer in This Year in Gear
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