The Best Watch Features of 2018

We’ve cobbled together some of the best watch features of the year, including factory visits, in-depth reviews and more.

The Best Watch Features of 2018 gear patrol full lead

There are some seriously fascinating brands and people working in the watch space, and we’re extremely lucky in that we get access to many of them and have the opportunity to help you, dear reader, understand what makes them special. Whether through a tour of Seiko’s facilities in Japan, or a primer on the ins-and-outs of a narrow segment of the vintage Rolex market, or a profile of someone who’s turning factory watch dials into tiny works of art, here are some of the most interesting watch-related features from Gear Patrol.

So grab another cup of coffee, put your feet up (but not on your wife’s vintage ottoman — don’t put your feet up on that, you moron), and kick back for a dose of deep horological knowledge.

How A Small German Village Became the Most Important Place for Watches

Glashütte, with a population of around 7,000, has all the hallmarks of any other sleepy town in the German state of Saxony: steep hillsides, surrounded by forests. It is, however, home to the makers of...

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Go Behind the Scenes of One of the Most Impressive Watchmaking Operations in the World

Seiko has seemingly mastered every facet of watchmaking.

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Does the Size of Your Watch Really Matter?

The industry is trending toward watches that wear on the larger side, but a growing interest in vintage pieces may suggest new love for small watches.

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G-Shock DW-5600E Review: Just How Tough Is a $40 Plastic Watch?

I threw it, dropped it, hit it with a hammer and ran over it with my car to find its breaking point.

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The Gateway Vintage Rolex

There is one vintage Rolex model whose prices haven't yet hit astronomic highs and offers plenty of bang for the buck: the Oysterdate Precision.

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Opinion: Why Watch Lovers Should Embrace Wearing Small Watches

Unnecessarily oversized watches have had their time in the sun. Now it's time to go smaller.

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If You Love Watches Follow These Instagram Accounts

Ten accounts with stunning photographs of even more stunning timepieces.

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Meet the Instagrammer Creating Vivid, One-of-a-Kind Watch Dials

Like if Jackson Pollock designed a watch face.

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The Downside of Cheap Vintage Watches

Low prices are tempting, but the cost of service and repair can exceed the acquisition.

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Three Watch Experts Talk About Their First Vintage Watches

Collecting insight from James Lamdin, Hamilton Powell and Eric Wind.

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This Is How G-Shock Watches Are Tested and Built

A look at the brand's R&D facility in Hamura and production line in Yamagata.

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Out of Iraq: The Story of an Issued Military Watch

A former Marine speaks about the Marathon TSAR he was issued while in the service and how he used it downrange.

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Why a $22,000 Entry-Level Dress Watch Is Worth Every Penny

The Calatrava is the quintessential Patek Philippe, and perhaps even the quintessential dress watch, period.

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Joys of the Cheap American Military Watch

They're cheap, they're plentiful, they were issued to genuine badasses — what's not to like here? And moreover — why not collect them?

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