The Best Style Features of 2018

From celebrating Ralph Lauren’s 50th anniversary to figuring out what’s inside of the best boots on the market, we explored the best in menswear this year.

The Best Style Features of 2018 gear patrol full lead

To say that 2018 was a great year for men’s style would be an understatement — because a lot of fascinating things have happened in the space over the last 364 days. There was the celebration of Ralph Lauren’s 50th anniversary in business, which we marked by talking to some of the talented designers who honed their craft under his watch. There were the launches of Outerknown’s sustainable S.E.A. Jeans — which we named our best new menswear release of the year — and of Alberto Hernandez’s new hat line Meshika. And how could we forget about the resurgence of historical styles like signet rings or engineer boots?

While covering these stories, we also strove to help our readers understand what their money will get them, and how to look sharper using the tools we’ve recommended over the year. That’s why we’re including pieces like “How to Break in a Pair of Boots the Right Way” and “How to Trim a Beard, According to an Expert” on this list. And if you haven’t yet had a chance to read “We Cut 5 Great Boots in Half to See What Makes a Quality Pair”, well, you can dig into that piece below.

We Cut 5 Great Boots in Half to See What Makes a Quality Pair

Explore Cemented, Blake/McKay, True Moccasin, Goodyear Welt and Stitchdown constructions.

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How Ralph Lauren Shaped American Style

Stories from John Varvatos, Sid Mashburn, Todd Snyder, Michael Bastian and Mike Faherty.

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How the Old-School Signet Ring Found a Modern Appeal

The signet ring, an ancient tool once used to seal important documents or demonstrate membership in a club, is newly trendy.

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The Most Influential Hatmaker in America Just Started His Own Brand

The confluence of tradition and craft.

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Engineer Boots, the Distinctly American Style You Should Know

From Wesco, John Lofgren, The Flat Head and more.

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This Craftsman Is Single-Handedly Making Some of America’s Best Jeans

Not your standard factory-produced pants.

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These Small-Batch Leather Goods Are Field Tested

Leather products tested by scientists in the field.

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How to Trim Your Beard, According to an Expert

Mike Gilman, the founder of the Grooming Lounge, shares his advice for taming stray follicles.

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How Arvin Goods Makes the World’s Cleanest Socks and Underwear

Using recycled yarns to save fresh water, reduce landfill waste and lower CO2 emissions.

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How to Break in a Pair of Boots the Right Way

With advice from Eric Kinney of White's Boots.

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How Blluemade Makes Some of the Best Linen Clothes You Can Wear

Better summer garments require better linen.

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Outerknown’s New Sustainable Jeans Are the Best on the Market

Made from organic cotton and guaranteed for life.

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This Year in Gear

Just like that, 2018 has come and gone. Take a look back at the best of what the past 365 days had to offer in This Year in Gear
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