Looking for a Subscription Box? Here’s the One Every Guy Needs

The themed boxes from Bespoke Post are specifically built for guys to help freshen up your life one month at a time.


Subscription boxes make for a great gift, even if that means gifting it to yourself each month for a little quality-of-life boost. But not all subscription boxes are equal. The themed boxes from Bespoke Post are built explicitly for guys, designed to help freshen up your life one month at a time. Each box is packed with $70+ of unique gear, style items, advice, tips and more for only $45 (for members, $55 for non-members). The initial lifestyle quiz you take when signing up will help Bespoke Post know what kinds of things you’re interested in, so your boxes can be even more customized and relevant just to you. You also get a preview of each box, allowing you to swap items out, add things on or skip a month if you need to. All in all, it’s tough to find a subscription box service offering more value and utility for your month-to-month pursuits than Bespoke Post.

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