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Reader Survey: What’s The Best Thing You’ve Ever Bought For $25 or Less?

Everyone has a story about a dirt cheap pickup they swear by – what’s yours?

Chase Pellerin

Whether it be cast-iron skillets, boots, bourbon or Rolexes, Gear Patrol is very much about finding the best, coolest, most interesting take on a product. But we also really like cheap pickups that do a whole lot more than their price tags might suggest. We started to name off the best cheap things we’ve bought — pencil sharpeners, pocket knives and toy cars were all mentioned. That’s when we decided we needed more opinions.

That’s where you, GP reader, enter the fold. We’d like you to share with us (and maybe the internet) the best thing you’ve bought under $25. Participating is pretty simple: take this survey, wait and we’ll post the best answers we get in due time. So long as your choice retails at $25 or below, there’s no limit to this thing — your pick could be a bottle of Benchmark or a Lodge cast-iron skillet. Just fill out the damn thing.

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