These Futuristic Swedish Gloves are Rooted in Heritage

This year, Hestra is introducing its first-ever snowboard-centric glove.


Hestra has been focused on the singular pursuit of making the world’s finest gloves since 1936. Still located in the eponymous southern Swedish town, Hestra has been family-owned and run for four generations by the Magnusson family. With the harsh Scandinavian winters and a deep cultural love for winter sports, it is no wonder that Hestra’s gloves are tried and true, ready to take on the elements be it on the slopes or out hiking.

Hestra doesn’t make gloves like any other brand. The brand manufactures its gloves in its own factories, personally sourcing all the leather, fabric, wool and other materials. This ensures control over the production chain and with it, high levels of quality. Several of Hestra’s styles are handmade by some of the most experienced glove cutters in Europe. These expert glove cutters include members of the Magnusson family. Anton and Niklas Magnusson are part of the fourth generation and are master certified glove cutters in the French classical tradition — the only two in Scandinavia. Anton recently took the reigns as the Managing Director of Hestra, cutting a path for a new generation of leadership. While it does have a long lineage of producing high-quality gloves in time-honored methods, Hestra continues to grow and improve, embracing the future.

This year, Hestra is introducing its first-ever snowboard-centric glove. The Freeride CZone is going to be exclusively available in the USA later this winter. For the design and development of the glove, Hestra got together with Chris Rogers of Vail Ski and Ride School. Working with Rogers, Hestra was able to create a glove that does everything a snowboarder needs. The Freeride CZone incorporates Hestra’s iconic Fall Line design into a snowboard-specific combination of a CZone waterproof breathable membrane, smartwatch-compatible cuff, wear-resistant internal seams and snowboard-friendly flex zones. The lengthy feature list culminates in both a mitten and three-finger model.


With all the updates, Hestra still knows how to make a classic glove with all the details that have led to the brand’s success. Case in point, the Wakayama Glove. Since its launch, it has quickly become a Hestra staple. The retro-inspired glove is a true crossover that can fit on your hand from the slopes to the lodge to the city. It’s named after Hestra’s long-time Japanese distributor and is perfectly simple. The Wakayama is made from cowhide with wool terry lining and features a simple paracord wrist adjustment. This year, Hestra has made the Wakayama and a few other key styles available in chrome-free, dye-free Ecocuir leather, so the gloves can keep you warm and help out the planet a bit too. With a firm foot in the rich heritage of the brand and an eye for innovation, Hestra will be helping us ward off the cold and enjoy snowy weather for generations to come.

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