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Leather, Suede and Wool Gloves for Surviving Winter

These gloves guarantee your hands will see spring.

best gloves for men
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Unlike gloves designed for skiers, snowboarders or even off-season runners, the gloves on this list emphasize style over function. They do, of course, keep you warm. That's the whole point. These strive to look polished pair with a knit beanie and some kind of overcoat. Unequipped with bells and whistles like reflective striping, cinched cuffs or artificial grip, options here favor leather, woolen or suede construction, save for the occasional polyester sherpa or nylon weave.

When the temperatures drop below freezing, it matters what you wear. And with no part of your body is this truer than your hands: They're often first to succumb to sub-zero temperatures. Sure, you'd freeze without your winter jacket, but few strut out into the cold without a single layer on. Gloves, I'd guess, are what men skip most. So, get yourself a pair — ones equipped with tech-friendly fingertips included.

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The Best Leather Glove
Atle Nubuck
Lambswool Tipped Gloves
Gobi Cashmere
Deerskin Lined Gloves
Shinola + Geier
Full Finger Knit Gloves
Leather Gloves
Suede Gloves
Signature Cashmere Gloves
Knit Cuff Leather Gloves
Banana Republic
Madrone Merino Sheepskin Gloves
Cashmere Gloves
Deerskin Shorty: Vintage
Wool Gloves
Wool Texting Gloves
Cashmere Fingerless Gloves
American Trench
Ragg Wool Gloves / Deerskin Palm
Ragg Wool Gloves
Duluth Trading Co.
Atlus Knit Gloves
Recycled Wool + Fleece Glove
Elmer Gloves
Original Lined Goatskin Gloves
Scott Gloves
Carhartt Work In Progress
Svante Charcoal Gloves
Fingerless Ragg Wool Gloves
Cragmont Fleece Glove
Knit Fingerless Gloves
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