Tailor Your Cache with This Customizable Backpack

The All Mission Pack from 5.11 Tactical allows you to customize the bag to best fit your equipment storage needs.


Different activities typically call for different sets of equipment. You probably wouldn’t bring your hiking equipment to the office, and you certainly wouldn’t bring your office equipment hiking. You can, however, use the same bag for both, and any other outings you go on. The 5.11 Tactical All Missions Pack is built for just that; all missions, with the versatility to justify the name. The durable 500D dobby nylon exterior houses a buckle and hook/loop system allowing you to swap between seven different gear sets, each designed for the requirements of various missions. The bag comes in 4 different sizes, so whether it’s housing your everyday carry or your lifelines while you’re out in the field, you’ll have quick and reliable access to the tools you need.

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