Introducing: The New Gear Patrol

Over the last five years, we’ve worked to make Gear Patrol a gathering place for guys hell-bent on getting the most out of their time on planet Earth.

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Over the last five years, we’ve worked to make Gear Patrol a gathering place for guys hell-bent on getting the most out of their time on planet Earth. Our approach from the beginning was inspired by what magazines have always done: providing a filter on the world, sharing an insightful take on what’s valuable and interesting — but with the agility a website affords.

Now, after months of late nights and tankards of coffee, we’re pleased to unveil the new face of Gear Patrol — designed, above all, to provide a richer experience for you guys.

On our new homepage, you’ll see our original series, videos, features and photo essays take on distinct looks — matching their various styles and focuses. Think of it as a visual cheat sheet from the editorial staff on what’s most deserving of your attention at any given moment. If something does catch your eye, you’ll be rewarded for clicking through with expansive images and videos, crisp typography and other exciting new ways to experience content.

We’re pulling out all the stops on feature-length content, too, sharing even more of our original photos and mixing things up on a regular basis with informative sidebars, audio clips, cinemagraphs and plenty of other interactive bling — all on one easy to browse, scrollable page. Sit back, expand the window and take a breather from the typical internet hustle as we walk you through long form and stories and photo essays. Of course, if you self-starters out there prefer your learning totally visual, you can stop reading now and see some of the updates for yourself by mousing over the image below.

Rollover hotspots to reveal more details.

Let’s see your favorite lad mag pull that off from a wicker basket in the latrine.

There’s also a slew of under-the-hood changes that your computer and dwindling patience will thank us for, like lazy loading to ensure that only the content you’re viewing taxes your browser, and Google-powered site search to narrow the hunt faster than ever. The result is a quicker, more responsive GP. Giddy-up.

As the wise man once said, though, “show me the money”. In that spirit, we invite you to check out the new GP for yourself. We like to think we’re aging gracefully and constantly improving — not being revolutionary just for revolution’s sake. Soak it in for a while and let us know about any concerns you might have, bugs you see, or what you’re enjoying most — at sayhello [at] (tip: be sure to refresh your cache if you see any oddities).

The good news is these improvements are just the beginning. We can’t wait to show you some of the things we’re already working on for 2013.

Does this merit cracking out the secret stash in celebration? We won’t speak for you, but we’re already throwing back a few. Until then, Cheers.


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