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Today in Gear: July 23, 2014

Today in Gear: A synthesizer with all the bells and whistles, new running shoes from Adidas, unlimited reading from Amazon and more.



Modulus Music 002
If you’ve finally decided to get off your ass and vindicate your rock star dreams, you’ll need more than a guitar to start jamming. The Modulus Music 002 not only looks gorgeous, but it also includes an arpeggiator, an XY joystick, and 12 easy-to-access recall banks. The keyboard features a variety of other impressive features that will allow you to make sweet, sweet music.

Adidas Pure Boost and Energy Boost Reveal
Adidas has recently announced two new pairs of running shoes to add to its Boost family: the Pure Boost Reveal and Energy Boost Reveal. Both shoes feature a heathered two-tone stretch mesh upper and an Adidas Boost sole that is said to increase comfort and response. The Pure Boost Reveal includes a suede heel and reinforced toe, while the Energy Boost Reveal does without them for a more stripped-down construction. $120+

Kindle Unlimited
If you’re a bookworm, you’ll be happy to know that Amazon has just released Kindle Unlimited. For $10 a month, subscribers have access to over 600,000 books and thousands of audiobooks on your your preferred eReading device. Consider it Netflix for avid readers. $10

Turnbull & Asser X Globe Trotter Trolley Case
Traditional suitcases are incredibly handsome but lack the ease and usability of modern rolling luggage. This limited edition carry-on suitcase looks traditional but also features a handle and wheels, making it easier to haul through the airport. Handmade in England, it features impressive leather and a light blue gingham lining — and it looks a damn sight better than your typical Samsonite. $1,835

While we prefer the versatility and high quality of a good DSLR, sometimes the best you can do to capture a moment is use your smartphone’s less-than-desirable camera. If you’ve managed to take great pictures using your potato, Timeshel will turn them into high quality prints. Just pick 30 images each month to add your “story”, and Timeshel will send you a case containing rectangular or square prints on a white border. timeshel.co

Brickell Men’s Products
You’ve known since elementary school health class that men and women are different, but what your teacher probably didn’t mention is that compared to your lady friends, your skin is thicker and oilier, and your hair follicles are tougher and grow faster. Brickell’s grooming and skin products cater to these differences, and are free of synthetic chemicals to keep your skin healthy and clean. brickellmensproducts.com

Laptimers: Six Great Motoring Watches
The motoring watch has a long history. Early race car drivers wore bulky stopwatches strapped to their wrists to time laps and calculate speeds. Later driving watches had angled dials for easy reading without taking a hand off the wheel. Cars and watches go together like hot red paint and Italian curves. These six modern motoring watches capture the scent of exhaust and the sound of engines running wide open on a ribbon of tarmac — a pitch-perfect tribute to this longstanding bond. Read the Story
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