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Today in Gear: December 4, 2014

Tracksmith’s limited-edition duffel for runners, American Giant’s redesigned crew neck, Yamaha surround sound and more.



Tracksmith Limited Run Club Duffel
If Tracksmith was designing a duffel resembling a vintage kick that Prefontaine might wear, they succeeded. This carry-on is made with Steele Canvas’ industrial-strength canvas with reinforced leather. Like everything made “back in the day”, this rugged limited-edition duffel is meant to be thrown around, beat up, look good and — most importantly — last. $158

Altru Apparel Tri-blend Sweatpants
Sweatpants are underrated. Comfortably warm, practical and the perfect remedy after wearing slacks all day (besides a beer). These Portland Sweats feature cuffed ankles, a stretchy waist band and — the kicker — an all-encompassing geometric pattern. $77

Yamaha SRT-1000
The SRT-1000 is a discrete base for your TV that delivers true 5.1-channel surround sound. Featuring 10 speakers and dual built-in subwoofers, it uses Digital Sound Projector technology to reflect sound beams off walls and amplify sound. It’s as sweet as it sounds — and with its single-cable connection, you won’t have to read through a Bible-thick manual to set it up. $500

Triumph & Diaster Axe Tube Key
Salvaging the last bit of toothpaste from the tube can be pain to get out; god forbid you trash it with paste to spare, for a man wastes not. Designed and hand made in New Zealand, this white-bronze axe is the perfect tool to embrace your thrifty nature. Besides: carrying an axe, no matter the size, is pretty boss. $77

American Giant Crew Neck Sweatshirt
Completely American made, AG’s redesigned crewneck sweatshirt provides warmth for autumn evenings and is rugged enough to handle the rigors of the trail. With broader shoulders and an inward-tapered waist, this strong shirt will do its job without inhibiting you from doing yours. $69

BrydgeAir iPad Air Keyboard
Wish your iPad had better speakers? And the ability to function like a laptop (from time to time)? Constructed from lightweight aluminum, this iPad Air- and Air 2-compatible Bluetooth keyboard adds dual stereo speakers, backlit keys and peace of mind. $169

The Rise of Scottish Craft Beer
Scottish craft beer is in its infancy. But its brewers are pushing new boundaries, using complex hops from around the world to launch a glut of creativity. Read the story
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