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This Week in Gear: December 1 – 5

A look back at an entire week’s worth of gear.


Good morning, welcome to the latest edition of This Week in Gear — your single shot serving of an entire week’s worth of killer new gear — pulled from our weekday editions of Today in Gear. Bookmark it to peruse over Sunday football and start your Monday completely up to speed. Here’s to another fantastic week.


Moleskine x Adobe Smart Notebook
The new Moleskine Smart Notebook seeks to relieve graphic artists of clunky scanners. Each page of this classic Moleskine pad is framed by five markings; these serve as calibration guides for your smartphone camera, which the Adobe Creative companion app uses to replace your scanner. The app can convert everything you put on the page into a .svg file and syncs it to the Adobe Creative Cloud for further tinkering on Photoshop. $33

The Motley x life/after/denim Woodsmoke Candle
This candle should be taken as an encouragement to treat scents the same way you would treat bourbon. Featuring notes of wood smoke, blood orange, sandalwood and maple, it’ll make you ditch the Bed Bath & Beyond fare the same way Maker’s made you swear off Old Crow. $58

Sony A77 II DSLR
The successor to the three-year-old A77 DSLR is much of the same and better in many ways. It has the same dimensions and offers the same built-in sensor shift image stabilization as the previous model; but the continuous phase-detection AF has been improved, allowing you to track fast-moving subjects without having to resort to manual focusing. And the Exmor CMOS sensor improves image quality through ISO 50-25,600. Expect camera to dominate for another three years. $1,050

Floyd Leg Utility Set
Want a nice homemade table without having to learn proper carpentry? The Floyd Leg Utility Set turns any flat wood surface into a sturdy, heavy-use table, whether you want a dining table, an oversized desk, or a ping pong table. The set includes utility legs, cross-bracing straps, rubber feet, and a carrying case. You don’t even need any tools — just find a slab of wood. $285

Mophie Power Station Plus
How much is extra battery worth to you? If you’re a frequent traveler, the new Mophie Power Station will match your price. Incorporating a sleek aluminum design to reflect the rest of your technology, this portable charger is both Lightning and Micro USB compatible. Charging the device with your laptop will give you, at the base level, enough for two phone recharges. When you’re not charging, the USB and Lightning or Micro USB cords store neatly behind the hinged cover. $80+

The First World War in Colour
Color photography was a relatively new concept during the first World War, with just 4,500 color images thought to have been taken during the whole ordeal (compared to the millions of black and white images we’re familiar with today). Tashcen’s new book, The First World War in Colour, sheds new light on the subject, expanding our understanding of some of history’s darkest days. $60
Henry Phillips

Six Fall Liqueurs for Better Cocktails
Don’t be the guy who brings pumpkin spice vodka to a Friendsgiving gathering. Buck the yoke of that pumpkin carriage this year with these six autumnal liqueurs and recipes. Read this story

adidas Tubular Runner Sneakers
Adidas knows exactly what “oldie but goodie” means. As part of their Originals line, this sneaker builds on the 1993 Tubular runner with modern features and materials. The construction is simple: a sock-fit upper suspended over a dual-density EVA tube sole. They’re lightweight and comfortable, and the classic style will be a hit in more causal offices — or at the bar. $110

The Oakley Book
You know the “O” logo from their sunglasses, jackets, backpacks, and watches. Published by Assouline, this book showcases Oakley’s journey from the garage of founder Jim Jannard to its status as one of the world’s leading sports and design brands. The 220-page hardcover features 200 images including early advertisements, world-renowned athlete ambassadors and design sketches. It’s a story of big risks and bigger ambition. $195

Big Ass Garage Light
The garage often ends up a cave for old bicycles and unfinished projects, a space unworthy of classic cars or a respectable workshop. Big Ass Light’s booming, ultra-efficient ceiling light will make you consider excavating. The 122W fixture is a single piece of extruded aluminum; it’s as tough as the brand’s name suggests, and the LEDs are rated for at least 150,000 operating hours: 70 years of 6-hour-a-day. You won’t need another light — ever. $399

DIGG co-founder Kevin Rose traveled for a year, attending timekeeping events and speaking with bloggers and watch brands. His new app aggregates news from major watch blogs and includes an atomic clock and moonphase calendar that syncs in real time with over 100 servers. Free

Jetboil Javastein French Press
This limited-edition French press is durable enough for winter camping and stylish enough for your kitchen. With a volume of 60.9 ounces, it’s large enough to make two large cups of coffee. It includes the titanium vessel, drink-through lid, coffee press and a pot support — everything you need, whether you’ll be on the mountain trail or sleeping in this weekend. $90

Soma Black
Soma‘s completely organic water filtering carafe made our GP100 in 2013 — and just yesterday they launched a limited-edition black version. $15 will go to a clean-water charity. If our endorsement isn’t enough for you to replace that aging Brita filter, good karma should be. $99

Tested: Grundéns Brigg Jacket
Grundéns has become the standard in quality, water-proof gear for professional fishermen around the globe. The recent Originals collection extends to lifestyle-wear with the same “professional standard” as their core commercial offerings. To see if Originals holds up to the original, we took the Brigg 310 Jacket to Maine for a day of lobster harvesting. Read this story

Ferrari FXX K
Take the already spectacular LaFerrari, lose its lousy nomenclature and then bump it from 950 hybrid horsepower to a monstrous 1,035 by means of a combined 6.3-liter V12 and electric motor. The new FXX K is Ferrari’s ultimate track tool for the rich and fast; appropriately, it’s just been revealed in Abu Dhabi. But it’s more than a power boost: The FXX K gets enhanced aerodynamics and downforce, racing tires and bigger carbon ceramic brakes, all for utter speed and bliss on the tarmac. auto.ferrari.com

Trunkster Zipperless Luggage
A broken zipper. A torn flap. An overweight bag. These are the last things you’d want to discover just before checking your baggage and setting off. Trunkster’s Zipperless Luggage will let you fly free of such worries: it has a sliding door, a built-in digital scale, is GPS enabled and even has a rechargeable battery and USB port to charge your electronics on the go. kickstarter.com

The New York Oyster Map
The New York Oyster Map (All You Can Eat Press) is just as necessary for a day in NYC as a subway or bus route map. AYCEP’s fifth publication charts the city’s freshest raw bars, with tasting notes and a rich history of the beloved mollusk’s popularity in NYC. $8

LittleBits Smarthome Kit
Have Internet access? Of course you do. That and LittleBits Smarthome Kit is all you need to turn nearly everything in your house into a smart device. Forget buying a million smart devices: the Smart home kit uses 14 different modules to modify your existing appliances — light and temperature sensors, buttons, sound triggers and more. You can finally have that Doc Brown-esque automated kitchen you’ve always wanted. $249

HP Elitebook Folio 1020
HP just introduced the Elitebok Folio 1020, an utlra-slim and super lightweight laptop designed for the discerning office worker. Security features, such as a fingerprint sensor and HP Client Security, come standard, as does military-grade shock and drop resistance. MacBook Air beware. Learn More

Olloclip Camera System for iPhone 6
Olloclip, maker of advanced iPhone camera lenses, has completely redesigned their lens system for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It now comes with four advanced lenses and clips onto a wearable pendant for easy storage. Upgrade your selfie game with fisheye, wide-angle, macro 10x and 15x lenses. $80

Cook’s Illustrated Meat Book
Ribs, shanks, loins, pork, beef, light meat, dark meat — cooking meat can be a daunting task before the pilot light even fires up. Cook’s Illustrated Meat Book will have you picking out prime cuts like a pro with mouthwateringly delicious illustrated recipes. $27

72 Hours in Glasgow
Glasgow: where you can visit a 600-year-old university one moment and pound lagers at a blues bar the next. Learn More

Tracksmith Limited Run Club Duffel
If Tracksmith was designing a duffel resembling a vintage kick that Prefontaine might wear, they succeeded. This carry-on is made with Steele Canvas’ industrial-strength canvas with reinforced leather. Like everything made “back in the day”, this rugged limited-edition duffel is meant to be thrown around, beat up, look good and — most importantly — last. $158

Altru Apparel Tri-blend Sweatpants
Sweatpants are underrated. Comfortably warm, practical and the perfect remedy after wearing slacks all day (besides a beer). These Portland Sweats feature cuffed ankles, a stretchy waist band and — the kicker — an all-encompassing geometric pattern. $77

Yamaha SRT-1000
The SRT-1000 is a discrete base for your TV that delivers true 5.1-channel surround sound. Featuring 10 speakers and dual built-in subwoofers, it uses Digital Sound Projector technology to reflect sound beams off walls and amplify sound. It’s as sweet as it sounds — and with its single-cable connection, you won’t have to read through a Bible-thick manual to set it up. $500

Triumph & Diaster Axe Tube Key
Salvaging the last bit of toothpaste from the tube can be pain to get out; god forbid you trash it with paste to spare, for a man wastes not. Designed and hand made in New Zealand, this white-bronze axe is the perfect tool to embrace your thrifty nature. Besides: carrying an axe, no matter the size, is pretty boss. $77

American Giant Crew Neck Sweatshirt
Completely American made, AG’s redesigned crewneck sweatshirt provides warmth for autumn evenings and is rugged enough to handle the rigors of the trail. With broader shoulders and an inward-tapered waist, this strong shirt will do its job without inhibiting you from doing yours. $69

BrydgeAir iPad Air Keyboard
Wish your iPad had better speakers? And the ability to function like a laptop (from time to time)? Constructed from lightweight aluminum, this iPad Air- and Air 2-compatible Bluetooth keyboard adds dual stereo speakers, backlit keys and peace of mind. $169

The Rise of Scottish Craft Beer
Scottish craft beer is in its infancy. But its brewers are pushing new boundaries, using complex hops from around the world to launch a glut of creativity. Read the story

11+ Colored iPhone 6 Cases
Headquartered in South Korea, 11+ makes “simple and straightforward” products void of unnecessary fluff features often found on modern products. Now available for the iPhone 6 are scratch-resistant plastic smartphone cases in all the colors from their previous-generation case lines: forest green, light apricot, and true blue, among others. elevenpl.us

Vuarnet 0002 Cat Eye Sunglasses
This legendary French brand was formed in 1960 with the collaboration of optician Roger Pouilloux and Olympic gold medalist skier Jean Vuarnet. Famous for their highly transparent mineral lenses, Vuarnet sunglasses offer 100 percent UV protection and both shock and scratch resistance. Hydrophobic and oleophobic treatments ensure long-term optimal clarity against wet conditions and glare. $270

Piloti Campione Boot
After a two-year hiatus, famed racing boot specialist Piloti is back and better than ever. The new wing-tip oxford Campione boot (available in brown, black, brown-suede leather) is a step in luxury and made entirely in Italy. At long last, a classy driving shoe that can double as formal wear. $450

Insteon On/Off Outlet
Insteon has built the world’s first remote-controllable dual outlet, which blends in completely with your home decor. No more bulky, cyst-like wall modules; no more forgetting to shut the TV off. Using a smartphone app, users have the power to control their home electronics from anywhere in the world. insteon.com

Barbour X Deus Ex Machina Collection
The best products are usually a collaboration. Country-wear giant Barbour International and Deus Ex Machina, an elite Australian motorcycle outfit, have allied to create a line of authentically vintage jackets featuring leather collars and velvet distressed prints — top quality whether you own an iron horse or not. $789

Fairgoods Outside/Inside Pocket Square
This chambray pocket square is the end result of a series of collaborations: it was designed by illustrator Samuel Ho, with hand-lettered typography on the inside by 16-year-old Italian artist Mark van Leeuwen. The Half and Half studio in South Carolina materialized the project with a silkscreen finish. $29

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