Today in Gear: December 22, 2014

Justin Chung’s new photography book, Blackberry returns to the keyboard, medical marijuana storage cases and more.



Blackberry Classic
With Samsung, Apple and Google leading the pack, Blackberry has struggled to remain a player in the smartphone arena. With the successor to their 2013 touchscreen release, the company turns a corner: the new Blackberry Classic is a smartphone with an actual keyboard. For preorder only, units ship December 31st. $450

Faculty Department Book
With photography by Justin Chung, this new book explores the creative spaces and stories of designers like J.Crew Menswear Director Frank Muytjens and jeweler Philip Crangi, among others. It was produced in collaboration with Studio Faculty in Vancouver and printed at the famous Oddi Printing facility in Iceland. $75

Lalo Tactical Boots
Founded by NAVY Seal Nathanael Roberti (who was involved in retrieving soldiers’ bodies in the 2005 “Lone Survivor” raid of Afghanistan), Lalo Tactical makes footwear for the everyday wearer who demands a little extra from their gear. The two models within the tactical line, Amphibian and Intruder, come either in desert beige or completely blacked out. Durable, lightweight, and quick drying, the boots have already piqued the interest of both the Marines and SEALS, hinting that these could be the future standard-issues of the US Military. $325+ ()

Cannador Medical Marijuana Storage Boxes
Why should cigars get all the special treatment? These premium marijuana storage cases regulate odors and humidity levels that help seal in flavor, ensuring the trichomes on the buds stay potent and flavorful in the long term (like they’ll last that long). It’s medicine, okay? $59+

BASE Desk Accessories
From San Francisco, BASE makes functionally focused products for the home and office. The three objects they offer come in four different colors: black, white, gray, and orange. They are made out of 100 percent polystone, a plastic-and-stone solid that feels almost like porcelain to the touch. $30+

Larke Optics
Sophistication and understatement define eyewear company Larke Optics, who manufactures each frame by hand in their London factory from premium Italian lactate. Standouts from their collection include the Hadley, Horne and Radus frames, each polished for a timeless elegance. ~$430 ()

Wreck Diving in Lake Superior
The Great Lakes are notorious for their storms, which stir up ferocious seas and sink even the biggest ships; the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum estimates that in total 6,000 ships and 30,000 lives have been lost in wrecks. This summer, GP’s Jason Heaton set out to dive five of Lake Superior’s most notable ones. Read this story
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