Today in Gear: March 14, 2016

A long-lasting LED light for the garage, popover shirts for all the warm months, a way to light your running path with every step and more.


Good morning and happy Monday. It’s days like this — the worst day of the week — when we like to think about people who have it worse. Like the guys who shovel horse droppings at parades, or the victims in those prank videos on YouTube. Just be glad you can start your day with a fresh round of gear. A light that’ll illuminate your garage long after you’re gone, shirts that’ll keep you feeling light throughout all the warm months, a way to light your running path with every step and much more.

Lowell Technical Blazer by EFM


How do men who commute via bike always arrive comfortable, crisp and not dead? The answer is a commuter-friendly blazer. EFM’s (Engineered For Motion) version is knit so it wears like a sweater, but done finely enough that it looks dressy like a blazer should. Features like reflective details under the collar and interior pockets made to hold phones, eyeglasses and more make this a no-brainer for the exercise-addicted.

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All Good Deodorants


Your armpits are pretty important, even though you barely give them any notice… until, well, you notice them, if you get the drift. Your underarms are sensitive too, and, with the wrong deodorant, can destroy all shirts they touch. These chemical-free sticks just debuted and will be available soon; they fight odor with enzymes and keep you dry with arrowroot. They’re promising to actually work, unlike some other natural sticks, so keep your eyes open.

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Haiku Garage Light


This pre-wired, elegant behemoth throws down 16 60-watt lightbulbs’ worth of lumens and is rated to last 100+ years. Plus, the 7-year warranty guarantees you’ll see well enough to have that project car done way before you retire. (Yeah, you’ll totally have it done. We believe you.)

Buy Now: $400

The Southworth Popovers by Ledbury


Made in Virginia at a workshop that’s over 100 years old, these two limited-edition popovers are not only steeped in yesteryear’s heritage, they’re also styled appropriately for the months ahead. Slub cotton in slate and vivid blue colorways are comfortable enough to pull on every day and special enough that you’ll want to show them off twice as often.

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Apple Pencil Stand by Sena


You’re the guy in your group who owns an Apple Pencil. Because you’re cutting edge, creative and you know your stuff. Well, make sure your stuff’s display solutions are up to snuff — this leather-wrapped stand features gunmetal details and a non-slip base so you can digitally write things with vigor and style.

buy Now: $40

Million Mile Motion Powered Running Light


Running lights are literally life savers — until you forgot to swap out dead batteries. This weatherproof little guy doesn’t use any batteries; instead, it’s powered by movement and pulses with every stride. It’s small and easily clips on to your workout attire so you won’t get run over by stuff.

Buy Now: $23

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