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Today in Gear: April 1, 2016

A juicer George Jetson would love, an external hard drive that doesn’t sap juice from your outlets, some Brazilian “juice” to make those caipirinhas pop and much more.


HELP. I’M BEING HELD AGAINST MY WILL AND FORCED TO WRITE A DAILY COLUMN FOR THIS PUBLICATION. IF ANYONE IS READING THIS PLEASE SEND A SWAT TEAM, AS MANY PRETZEL M&MS AS YOU CAN FIND, A BUNCH OF MERINO CLOTHING AND A LATE-’90s FERRARI 355 SPIDER. THIS IS LIFE OR DEATH. It’s also April Fools Day! Boy did I get you good. What a great prank. Anyway, here’s what’s new in gear: a juicer George Jetson would love, an external hard drive that doesn’t sap juice from your outlets, some Brazilian “juice” to make those caipirinhas pop and much more.



Though it’s currently available only in California, expect to see this juice-machine revelation on countertops nationwide. Instead of cramming veggies down a shoot and dealing with the mess afterward, fresh, juice-able produce ingredients come in packets, arranged specially for each different juice recipe. Pop the packet in, and the machine squeezes out the veggie blood; throw out the packet and enjoy. Clever.

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Innov8 8TB USC-C-powered External Hard Drive


8TB is a lot of memory. Devices that run an external hard drive that big have, until now, required a lot of power and unwieldy logistics. This fella runs off a USB-C port, meaning there’ s no extra power cable. Which is good news for feng shui-obsessed photo hoarders.

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Bubba Rope


Ever get yourself stuck just so you’d have the pleasure of pulling yourself out? Not yet you haven’t. The Bubba Rope is a purpose-built tether that’s engineered to have enough give for you to use physics to rubberband yourself out of sticky spots. Plus, it looks awesome.

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Bevel Trimmer


Your grooming routine (*digs out credit card*) and ours just launched into the 21st century. Meet the electric trimmer that will run for 4 hours straight and hold a charge for 60 hours, boasts easily cleaned blades that inherently repel buildup, snap-on blades, a chiseled and comfortable handfeel and innovative charging. Your hair won’t be able to grow fast enough.

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Novo Fogo Single-Barrel Cachaças


From Tucker Bowe, Staff Writer: Introduce your tastebuds to Brazil’s national cocktail: the caipirinha. It’s simple to make, usually consisting of muddled lime, sugar and cachaça, a spirit similar to rum, but made with sugarcane rather than molasses. And in preparation for this summer’s Rio games, Novo Fogo has released four new limited-edition cachaças (named Barrel 86, Barrel 33, Barrel 152 and Barrel 87), each of which is barrel aged between one and five years.

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JackThreads X Honda Driving Shoe


How often do you wake up and just really, really want to wear a Honda Civic? Every day, right? The design of this shoe is modeled after the Civic and features a velco-sealed flap to keep those dastardly laces managed.

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