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This Week in Gear: April 25-29

A look back at an entire week’s worth of gear.


Good morning, and welcome to the latest edition of This Week in Gear — your single-shot serving of an entire week’s worth of the best new gear pulled from our weekday editions of Today in Gear. Bookmark it to peruse over a cup of coffee and before you throw your big May Day party (we’ll bring the seven-layer dip), then start your Monday completely up to speed. Here’s to another fantastic week.

Ray Super Remote


Ray is changing the way we watch TV — constantly learning about you, what you like and how you like it. The simple-to-set-up remote will easily pair with thousands of devices, from DVD players to TVs, to streaming units, to stereo systems. It’s an intuitive touchscreen affair with a modern, adaptable interface. And it’s smart — Ray learns your preferences and makes suggestions based on what you watch the most. Search Ray for things to watch and access all your favorite media apps too. This is exactly what innovation looks like: futuristic devices that make our everyday lives exponentially easier and more pleasant (and more fun). We’ll bring the popcorn, you set up Ray.

Buy Now: $249

Bullitt Carbon Ace Cafe Blackjack LE


A fiber composite shell married to a multi-density EPS liner. That sounds incredibly technical and very bad-ass…. because it is. This new helmet’s interior is antibacterial, removable and washable. Five intake vents channel airflow to a singular rear vent to keep you cool while riding. There’s more bad-ass-sounding tech too: a Magnefusion closure system keep the shield in place. Not that you’d want to get rid of it, but a five-year warranty seals the deal all around.

Buy Now: $600

Leon Flannel by Pladra


This is a no-nonsense flannel. And before you complain that it’s too hot for warm shirts, you’re wrong. Make this an overshirt or a weekend shirt for sipping cocktails on the patio until all hours. ‘Kay? ‘Kay. Pladra worked for a long time to find the right fit and right materials and construction for their flannels. This is the result: an ultra-durable, extremely comfortable shirt that’ll last longer than the hanger it lives on.

Buy Now: $139

Voyager Weekender by Owen & Fred


Waterproof and re-waxable, these duffels are constructed of 10.10-ounce Martexin Original Waxed canvas and modeled after Army-worthy packs. Nine-ounce harness-leather detailing is courtesy of American tannery Wickett & Craig; everything else is brass like you can’t believe. Upgrade your weekend and your life. Bon voyage.

Buy Now: $275

Casio Pro Trek


Casio knows a thing or two about tough timepieces, and their Pro Trek series is no joke. This model debuts their Super Twisted Nematic display, which provides clear viewing in both high- and low-light environments. Sensors keep track of altitude and barometric pressure; alarms sound when pressure changes suddenly. What’s more, the brand’s Tough Solar tech is employed too, which means your watch will run on the sun’s rays (and even florescent light photons) for a good long while.

Buy Now: $320

Ring Video Doorbell Pro


Install this fella and swap out the interchangeable faceplates until you reach a desired aesthetic. Motion detection and infrared LEDs enhance night vision cloud video recording, and 1080p picture quality keeps your front door safe as hell. The feed can be broadcasted to wherever you are, so you can be an always-on home guardian.

Buy Now: $249

Razor Ripsurf


The mad inventor behind the Crazy Cart hooligan/drift machine has done it again. This time, Ali Kermani thinks you should be surfing through the concrete jungle. Thanks to something called RipStik Air tech, it’s possible to accelerate and decelerate without your feet lifting off the Ripsurf. Best part: no sharks. Worst part: two-ton automobiles that will crush you. Be careful out there.

Buy Now: $112

The Phone Wallet by Bellroy


Bellroy makes truly outstanding leather goods that several of us at GP use daily. We also happen to use our phones daily, since we’re, you’re know, alive. That makes this the perfect pairing — stylish, durable and extremely handy.

Learn More: Here

Bullet Bluetooth 4.1 Earbuds


Uh, okay, so these are awesome. They’re wireless buds that charge in an hour and feature 80 hours of standby time, CVC noise-reduction tech and a built-in microphone for making calls. The 3.5-gram devices plug into a portable charging cylinder to re-juice. Even the casual audiophile should be pleased.

Buy Now: $150

Chipmunk Bags


Especially if you’re a city- or college-dwelling type, you know how much it sucks to carry your laundry around. It’s a lame chore that’s hard to get right — as great as they are, those blue IKEA bags can be unwieldy at best. These packs are great for carrying said laundry, or really any gear you’ve got while camping or otherwise, thanks to a sturdy, handsome design featuring 1,000-denier nylon and seatbelt webbing. They’ll last you a billion loads of laundry — though by then we’ll all be wearing silver jumpsuits that never need washing. But still.

Buy Now: $50

GP Journey Print Series


Part of what we do at Gear Patrol is concentrate on producing only the best-quality writing, intelligently curated gear and top-notch art. We have several ace photographers on staff who produce such exquisite work that we hung it on our walls. Which you can do as well — our Journey Series is a small collection some of the best photographs we’ve come across, from our very own photographers.

Learn More: Here

Toyota Tundra Diablo by Devolro


So, we never actually want the apocalypse to come. Honest. That would mean millions or billions of casualties, radiation fallout and flesh-eating zombies. Though at least it might stop the new Baywatch movie from coming out. Anyway, the point is that if/when it comes, this modded Toyota is what we’ll be driving. A 600 horsepower V8 moves the already-tough-but-thoroughly-tougher-now Toyota Tundra. A beefy suspension with killer tires, an interior that’s decked out in luxury and exterior panels coated with Line-X. There’s a boatload more, so read on.

Buy Now: $199,000

Emilio Chukka Boot by Nisolo


Chukka boots are the perfect sidekick for any guy: they’re a go-to, wear-anywhere silhouette that works equally well on casual weekends and during boardroom presentations. Nisolo’s take on the familiar and classic men’s staple features a special leather sole (with rubber heel cap for traction) that gives the Emilio loads more character than your average boot. Inside, a contoured, full-length leather insole provides arch support and a lace-up closure looks great while packing in subtle support all around. The streamlined boot, which is handmade in Peru, also features extra stitching between the sole and upper to set it apart from the masses just enough to keep you smug and handsome every day of the week.

Learn More: Here

Duece Double-Barrel Paintball Pistol by Goblin


Hope you’ve got your one-liners ready, because you’re about to capture the #1 Bad-Ass Award in your next paintball tourney. There’s nothing here that needs explaining. It’s a double-barrel paintball pistol that’ll bring you as close to firing a sawed-off shotgun at a friend as you should ever get.

Learn More: Here



After collecting feedback from 5,000 dog owners (or “pup parents,” per Furbo), this remote dog-sitter was born. An onboard camera and a speaker system allow you to see and talk to/with your furry friend as well as take photos and videos of them defiling your throw pillows during human work hours. Most notable, however, is the Furbo’s ability to actually toss treats into the air so you can make sure Fido (or your kid, if you’re a terrible parent) is active and sated while you’re away.

Learn More: Here

Gear Patrol Magazine


As a publication, our biggest adventure to date has been using what we’ve learned from our digital roots and applying it to the time-honored format of print. This is the physical manifestation of what we believe in, and what we know you want to read and display on your shelves. Hundreds of pages, stories you won’t read anywhere else. Pick up a copy or a subscription today.

Buy Now: $20

Voiture Chronographs by Nezumi


Because the company supports multiple charities, it’s named after a Japanese Robin Hood-type figure named Nezumi Kozo, which is noble. These chronographs, their latest venture, are inspired by heritage racing cars — namely, the Porsche 911 — which is rad as hell. There are far too many wonderful details to list, but a few notables: 40mm width, a Seiko VK63 movement (with date function removed) and two-layer “sandwich dials.” Click through to see the three colorways in vivid detail.

Learn More: Here

Trove Wallet


It’s not often that someone comes along and reinvents the wallet. The Trove features elastic details to keep any number of things secure, and the leather band can be manipulated to reveal three different pockets for everything from keys to earbuds. Custom colorway configurations are available, and it’s a sweet deal to boot. Whatever’s in your pocket right now should be very worried.

Learn More: Here

The Court Classic Sneaker by Tanner Goods


Rancourt & Co. handcraft these natural Horween leather sneakers in New England. You’ll stand out anywhere you stand with the usually-black-canvas classic silhouette, and you’ll stand around comfortably thanks to a Honey Vibram sole.

Buy Now: $305

Po’ Man Charcoal Grill


Now when you host cookouts you can make myriad dad jokes about “evicting Oscar the Grouch.” You monster. This trashy-looking barbecue unit is appropriately simple to use: light up coals in the bottom, keep the lid ajar to vent, et voila: ribs à la garbage.

Buy Now: $115

747-400 Headlight Lamp by Boeing


Two headlights from a retired 747-400 are set inside a wing-inspired body of aluminum and rolled steel. The design piece has been reengineered to light your den instead of lighting the friendly skies. No word if a cute little “captain’s wings” pin is included with the purchase.

Buy Now: $7,500

2017 Audi TT RS


Enthusiasts likely recall how crazy and innovative the original TT’s design language was, especially considering that baseball-stitch upholstery in the cabin. Oh, how we miss the ’90s. But with as little as 178 horses, it was sorta slow. Almost 20 years later, the 2017 Audi TT RS sports a 400-horsepower five-cylinder with 354 lb-ft of torque, which translates to a 3.7-second 0-60 time. Which is, um, a noticeable improvement.

Learn More: Here

Kilkea Superyacht


Got 35 friends? Yes, Facebook friends count, so long as they’re interested in massive doses of luxury and 15.4-knot top speeds on the open sea. Fully stocked, this 82-meter yacht can last for a month without restocking supplies, which is enough time for you to actually meet that one guy who friended you a couple years back. Luxurious salons and cabins abound, and since the ship was designed “with an eco-conscious mindset,” fuel consumption is promised to be relatively low.

Buy Now: $62,000,000

Transform Jacket by Nike


Thanks to a clever interior “strap system,” it’s possible to unpack and don the water-repellent shell portion of this jacket without taking off the Tech Fleece layer underneath. Reflective details and articulated joints make for a comfortable, safe and capable go-to jacket. Start making room on your coatrack.

Buy Now: $350

DP-X1 Hi-Fi Audio Player by Onkyo


Most people like listening to music. Audiophiles demand the highest echelon of audio quality at all times. Like John Hammond in Jurassic Park: they spare no expense. This gorgeous piece of pocket tech will store 32 gigs of HiRes tracks — MP3s, WAVs, and more — and will perform real-time DSD conversion. Hook up/connect via wi-fi and Bluetooth, a 2.5mm 4-pole balanced jack, a 3.5mm 3-pole headphone jack or USB-B/OTG. Micro-SDXC cards expand memory by many more gigs.

Buy Now: $800

Object 005 Camera Stand by BASE


A simple, elegant solution to an unnerving problem. That mirrorless DSLR and/or micro 4/3 camera you’ve got on your desk — it’s just waiting to be knocked around or become victim to a coffee spill. But gear nerds don’t let bad things happen to good cameras. Keep your rig elevated an on display.

Buy Now: $44

Stacker Performance Sunglasses by Electric


Far as we can tell, those only trick feature these shades are missing is x-ray vision, and they’re perfect for your next every adventure. UV and HV blue light are blocked by melanin-infused lenses; a removable eye mask blocks extra photons. Nose and temple grips keep everything in place and a neat ventilation system reduces lens fog. The frames utilize a material called Grylamid, which makes them extremely light and bounce-back flexible.

Buy Now: $180

Billy Reid x K-Swiss Sneakers


Famed tennis shoes, famed designer. The perfect match. Low tops and high tops in a variety of different colorways, all offering mixed materials and texture — these are great on the daily, but might we suggest stylishly dressing down a summer suit?

Learn More: Here

Snap Wallet by Inkleaf Leather


Maybe you should sit down for this: it’s time. It’s time to retire the velcro wallet you’ve been using since fifth grade. Yes, the one with the indentations from your POG slammer. If you still want to keep things secure, at least upgrade to a Horween leather, snap-closure wallet that’s hand-sewn together with Fils au Chinois “Lin Cable” linen thread. The main pocket is designed to hold your bankroll while the slit easily fits three cards, and it’s available in three colors.

Buy Now: $65

ST2 S Premium Electric Bike by Stromer


Available in 17-, 20- or 22-inch frames, this premium bicycle model is powered by “the biggest and most powerful battery on the e-bike market” — at 983 watt-hours, we’re inclined to believe that. The battery delivers juice to a SYNO drive motor that propels the bike via pedal assist (it only goes when your legs are moving) and zings along at up to 28 mph.

Learn More: Here

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