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Today in Gear: May 25, 2016

Earbuds that are designed to move, shoes designed to go anywhere, a dress shirt that repels stains (before they’re stains) and much more.


Good morning and happy Wednesday. Remember Twitter? Well, they’ve changed the structure of tweets to allow more freedom for users. URLs, media attachments and other handles mentioned in tweet replies no longer figure into character count. Which opens up a lot of possibilities, like listing out every course of a memorable meal, or actually using proper English to express an idea. (Not that certain writers are bitter…). Whether you’re still micro-blogging or have moved on, here’s what’s good in gear: earbuds that are designed to move, shoes designed to go anywhere, a dress shirt that’s designed to repel stains (before they’re stains) and much more.

And here are some fresh stories to start the day.

Surf Odyssey


Take Africa, Bali and cold water, mix them all together and add a surfboard: that’s what we call a damn adventure. This new book weaves nature together with a search for self, and speaks to the thrill and requisite gear necessary to the journey.

Buy Now: $37

Freedom Bluetooth Headphones by Jaybird


From Tucker Bowe, Tech Writer: With summer just around the corner, and wireless sweat-proof headphones more in demand than ever, Jaybird is striking at just the right time with its Freedom Bluetooth earbuds. Their new buds are sweat-proof, have metal injection molding (for superior and non-plastic fit) and are 20 percent smaller than their other earbuds. The four-hour battery life isn’t ideal, but they do come with a portable battery charger that clips to the headphones’ remote and can add four extra hours of juice.

Buy Now: $200

Light Train Mountain Running Shoe by Salewa


Running, hiking, walking — whatever your activity of choice, if it’s on rough terrain and you need some extra grip, look no further. These very lightweight shoes (260g) feature extraordinary claws: hardcore, lugged Michelin outsoles that were developed exclusively with Salewa and inspired by mountain-bike tires. Which means these shoes will grab hold of whatever soft ground you’ve chosen to train on. They’re also breathable and provide additional stability via the lacing system. Slip ’em on and never slip again.

Learn More: Here

Hydrophobic Cavalier Dress Shirt by Threadsmiths


Every time you go to a wedding you swear up and down that you won’t get on the dance floor. And every time you end up on the dance floor, spilling people’s drinks as you do the Macarena to every song that comes on. And those drinks spill on you. This is a slim-fit cotton dress shirt that’s treated to be hydrophobic. Water, coffee, soda, wine — they simply don’t stick to the material, meaning your crisp white wedding-wear will stay as pure as you were before that seventh Jack and Coke. It feels great to wear, looks excellent and is an exceptional idea for someone who makes poor decisions (or if you’re just a little clumsy sometimes).

Buy Now: $89

Wrio Hexagonal Keyboard for iOS and Android


They’ve redone the QWERTY! These hexagon-shaped keys provide more surface area for more accurate typing — and much more. Swipe gestures (for caps or to delete, etc.) and compatibility with over 30 languages make communicating a breeze. And while the layout is different from your traditional thumb pad, the dynamic keyboard adapts to your typing style and makes things easier on you. Thanks to a fully funded campaign, the app is now available for purchase at a limited-time discount.

Buy Now: $3

Gear Patrol Magazine Issue Two


You’ve been waiting for six months and so have we — finally, Issue Two is ready to ship. If you’ve got a subscription, expect a copy soon; if you still need Issue One, it’s available too. For Issue Two, our team of writers and photographers traveled to five destinations, spending time with the people that make each location a notable spot on the globe. We also celebrated one of publishing’s greatest heroes, Esquire‘s former Editor in Chief David Granger, tested personal watercraft in Miami and compiled gear guides galore… and we’re excited to share it all with you.

Buy Now: $20

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