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Today in Gear: May 6, 2016

An homage roadster from a car startup, an all-in-one tech peripheral for your bike, a paperweight toy for your desktop and much more.


Good morning and happy Friday. Tesla Motors, always the bearer of interesting news, boldly announced that in 2018 they’ll be producing 500,000 vehicles per year. That’s…a lot more than they make now, and we’re not buying it. What do you think? Possible? Share your opinion with us and for your trouble you might get a subscription to GP Magazine. For an immediate digital experience, here’s what’s good in gear: a sexy homage roadster from a car startup, a sexy all-in-one tech peripheral for your bike, a sexy paperweight toy for your desktop (okay, that’s a stretch) and much more.

Nufnuf Dog Bed


Dogs are better than cats. (Sorry not sorry.) But. Dogs can also be sorta smelly, and tend to forget to wipe their paws after digging up your tulips. At least Rover’s sleeping quarters will remain odor- and dirt-free: these luxe beds utilize Teflon to keep both at bay. If necessary, the covers can be removed and popped into the washing machine. Many colors are available.

Learn More: Here

The Weekender Inflatable Paddle Board


Even if you have an abnormal number of toes, Ten Toes’ inflatable paddle board will be loads of fun. They’re a cinch to set up, too: deflated, the 29-pound “boards” roll up to a tidy 11 x 36 inches; Inflated, the board is 10 feet long and three wide. Military-grade PVC is drop-stitched for maximum durability, but a repair kit is included for those of you who enjoy testing limits.

Buy Now: $600

Jannarelly Roadster


We mentioned ambitious automaker plans above, but this new startup is the kind of outrageous promise we can get behind. Planned as an homage to ’60s roadsters, these swoopy two-seaters will be powered by a 304-horsepower, 274 lb-ft, 3.5-liter V6 mated to a six-speed manual. All in a 1,600-pound car. That means 0-60 in under 4 seconds and a top speed north of 130. Plenty of accessories and add-ons are available, and considering the very low pennies-on-the-dollar starting price, thou shalt leave no couch cushion unturned.

Buy Now: $55,000

Smart Halo


Can’t say for sure how much Beyonce’s lyrics inspired this little guy, but the Smart Halo acts as a bike light, navigation aid, activity tracker, tracking device and even as a theft deterrent. “Saving grace” indeed. Use the app to choose an optimal route and the Smart Halo will guide you from its perch atop your handlebars. It’ll sound an alarm if tampered with, notify you of calls and texts and much more. Practically perfect in every way for any urban commuter.

Buy Now: $139

Stainless Steel Jack Puzzle by Shinola & Craighill


This is how office people killed time before Reddit. This stainless-steel puzzle is exclusively for Detroit’s Shinola and designed by Brooklyn-based Craighill. When assembled, it’s a three-inch-diameter jack-looking trinket that’ll work as a paperweight or conversation piece; it even comes with instructions if you’re not a pro puzzler.

Buy Now: $120

Road Shower 2


Mount this clever thing to your car roof and drive in the sun; cosmic photons will heat up the water so you can have a warm, pressurized shower when you stop. Or you could wash off your dog. Or you could do anything you want with it — why do we have to decide? It’s warm water on demand in the great outdoors, so follow your bliss.

Buy Now: $300

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