Today In Gear: June 14, 2016

A new Japanese whisky blend, canned pickle juice for you salty and sour drinkers, an adventure-ready kitchen in which to make said cocktails and much more.


Good morning and happy Tuesday. There were recaps galore of the Tony Awards yesterday, the Sunday evening event celebrating accomplishments in the world of theatre. Host James Corden knocked his performances out of the park, and the night was an endless stream of star-studded entertainment, from James Earl Jones to Steve Martin to Hamilton creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda. A great celebration of talent and entertainment from Broadway. And here’s a great celebration of what’s good in gear: a new Japanese whisky blend, canned pickle juice for you salty-and-sour drinkers, an adventure-ready kitchen in which to make said cocktails and much more.

And here are some fresh stories to start the day.

HDK 2 Virtual Reality Headset by Razer


This 39990Hz headset boasts 2160 x 1200 resolution, which is right up there withe other VR headsets from Rift and Vive. That’s intentional, because Razer is aiming squarely for those big dogs and undercutting them by hundreds of dollars. It’s slated to release to the world in July, and will be part open-source and part consumer product, hopefully spurring some tech evolution in the process.

Learn More: Here

Toki Whisky Blend by Suntory


Suntory has blended their Hakushu American white oak cask malt and Chita heavy-type grain whiskys to make something eltirely new: a sweeter, nuanced version of their best-selling brand’s swill. Good thing, too, since we seem to be running out of it.

Learn More: Here

Overland Kitchen by Scout Equipment


Place your order and these SUV-, pickup- and van-ready slide-out kitchen units are handmade to order. Everything you could need for cooking on the go is available: birch and aluminum drawers, 12V connection, a collapsible sink with faucet and a utensil and knife set. Just add recipes.

Learn More: Here

Via 57 Chair by Fritz Hansen


Injected with 50-year-old design philosophy that alludes to the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, this chair’s form is intended to jibe perfectly with the Manhattan skyscraper jutting into the clouds on Manhattan’s West Side. It can be joined with others to form a chic, small couch, or stand (sit?) on its own as a comfortable statement piece.

Buy Now: $2,756

Fine Brine Canned Pickle Juice by Gordy’s Pickle Jar


Full disclosure: your overly-accepting and empathetic author detests the idea of drinking pickle juice in any form other than that which accompanies the bite of a fresh pickle. That said, pickle back and pickle juice cocktail lovers the degenerate world over have until now needed to pour juice from an actual pickle jar to make an acceptable tipple. No more. This Washington, D.C.-based company has canned their presumably wonderful pickle juice, purpose built to make your brackish and sour drink dreams come true.

Buy Now: $16

YXZ1000R SS Side by Side with Paddle Shifting by Yamaha


As if its 998cc liquid-cooled DOHC, 12-valve inline three-cylinder moving all four knobbed wheels didn’t seem like enough fun, Yamaha has tossed some paddle shifters into the mix. That means this is about as Formula 1 as off-roaders get, and also means this particular sporty side by side is more than ready to kick ass in the great outdoors.

Buy Now: $22,399

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