Great Photographs of Whiskey, Watches, Cameras and Knives

GP editors choose their must-reads, and this edition we are featuring the best original photography of the week.


We pride ourselves on a few core tenants: strong, relevant reporting, depth of knowledge in our respective fields, living the life of adventure we portray, and visually conveying stories as compellingly as they are written. This week the beauty of the images hit a cord. The work of a few men and women in our studio turns out hundreds of original images every month, but these past five days, the pixel-spectacle shined particularly bright. Enjoy. – Matthew Ankeny

The Small, Square Watch Is Back and It’s Perfect

Henry Phillips

The NOMOS Tetra is only 29mm, but it’s square — and for looks and style on your wrist, that makes all the difference.
Photography by: Henry Phillips

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Why Your Next Action Camera Will Be 360°

Sung Han

The action camera of the future shoots in 360 degrees. We interview the CEO of 360fly, who explains what you should know about 360 cameras.
Photography by: Sung Han

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How to Make the Perfect Manhattan

manhattan cocktail
Henry Phillips

In the canon of classic whiskey cocktails, no drink is more poised than the Manhattan. Here’s how to make one at home.
Photography by: Henry Phillips

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Words Without Context

A Notable Quote from the Week

“There’s always issues of cooling because the air’s thin. The brakes even cool less. Everything is maxed out going into this type of altitude. 14,110 feet — you’re required to wear oxygen in an airplane below that, so it’s a very complicated place from the car standpoint and the human standpoint.”
– Jeff Zwart

Buy Your Kid Better Books


Here are the best kids’ books for raising an artistic, intelligent and emotionally smart child to make any parent proud.
Photography by: Chase Pellerin

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The Best Ryes You Can Actually Buy


From Sazerac to High West to Wild Turkey to Willett, here are the best rye whiskies that you can actually find and afford.
Photography by: Henry Phillips

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Why You Only Need Three Knives in the Kitchen


Over time, kitchens become cluttered. Here’s why you only need three knives: a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a serrated bread knife.
Photography by: Henry Phillips

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