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Today in Gear: July 27, 2016

A dovetail surfboard-inspired skateboard, a new rye whiskey with emphasis on the “rye” part, a special-edition electric three-wheeler and much more.


Good morning and happy Wednesday. You know that weird, wince-y feeling you get when you think about IKEA making furniture out of sawdust and also making meatballs out of “84 percent meat?” The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Facebook plans to build 1,500 homes (15 percent low-to-middle income housing) in Menlo Park, California, where its headquarters are. The plan is to offset the rising housing costs that have come about as a result of their employees moving to the area. Yes. Facebook is building and selling houses, whether you *like* it or not. And now, here’s what’s good in gear: a dovetail surfboard-inspired skateboard, a new rye whiskey with emphasis on the “rye” part, a special-edition electric three-wheeler and much more.

And here are some fresh stories to start the day.

2.Zerogrand Collection by Cole Haan


Cole Haan has been innovating men’s footwear for a good long time, most notably with their Zerogrand technology, which essentially combines the best, most advanced parts of sneakers with the best, most advanced parts of dress shoes. And now they’ve outdone themselves with the next-gen 2.Zerogrand Oxfords, which are the dressiest running shoe-iest forward-thinking shoes you’ll find. A foam footbed manages both cushioning and moisture control, while a stretchy sock-like liner keeps your foot in place and maintains the stylish profile. Unlike those stiff leather dress shoes you bought for your friend’s wedding, the perforated upper blends with engineered outsoles to flex more than your foot could ever hope to, which means unrestricted comfort. Great colorways (like those black/blue, black/white, brown/red…okay, all of them) round out the futuristic foot-pleasing lineup.

Buy Now: $300+

S.H.A.D.O. Pack by Prometheus Design Werx


Thanks to a clever clamshell design, this pack offers easy access to its near-minimalist, mostly unencumbered-by-dangly-stuff two compartments. Because of its design and over-engineering, this pack is built just as much for city warriors as it is weekend hikers: more high-tech materials than would be feasible to list here combine with water bladder ports, a padded laptop sleeve, myriad interior compartments and performance details that make this 24-liter pack pretty much the last you’ll ever need.

Buy Now: $289

Pack and Apparel Collaboration by TOPO Designs x Howler Brothers


This is the collaboration that keeps on giving, especially if you’re into green. From a mountain pack and field bag to the snapback cap and snap-front shirt, this gear features smart detailing: a glare-reducing brim on the hat, water-resistant truck tarp on the pack, quick-drying and abrasion-resistant panels on the shirt and much more.

Learn More: Here

Wingnut Cruiser with Kicktail by Aluminati


What’s that? You’re the cool guy in the office, the envy of all departments, because you glide in each morning on your custom-deck grinding machine? Prepare to blow your old self out of the water, thanks to one, simple word: kicktail. Owing its inspiration to dovetail surfboards, this extra-functional line of skateboards is made for hanging ten even during your landlocked commute.

Buy Now: $75

9-Year High Rye Bourbon by Redemption


There’s a lot of rye in this high-rye bourbon‘s recipe — even by high-rye standards. Which means it’s far enough removed from the norm that you should be clearing off a place on your bar. This is Redemption’s first-ever cask-strength high-rye, and it’s aged for nine years.

Learn More: Here

Selfridges Edition Three-Wheeler UK 1909 Edition EV3 by Morgan


Not only because both companies are the same age, not only because both companies are pushing environmentally conscious policies, not only because both companies stand for distinct style and proper Britishness. It’s actually all three of those reasons (and many more) combined that make this collaboration a dream pairing. It’s a special edition of the EV version of the zany, retro-futuristic runabout we all know and love and lust after. So grab your goggles and shearling coat, stuff your pipe full and get motoring in style.

Learn More: Here

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