Take a Sneak Peek Inside Issue Three of the Gear Patrol Magazine

For the third issue of Gear Patrol Magazine, we traveled near and far for stories about people, places and, of course, great gear.


It’s been one hell of a year. While I spent much of it traveling between our HQ in Midtown Manhattan and the Hudson Valley, I saw our members of our team set off on journeys of their own — some to Cuba, some to Germany, others to Sweden and to L.A. We also dispatched a small team to to report on the Ossabaw Island hog, America’s so-called “miracle pig,” while another followed a team of elite female cyclists, racing for recognition, in Wisconsin. Our combined mission: to produce Gear Patrol Magazine: Issue Three, 320 pages full of people, products and places — stories we hope will inspire you to take journeys of your own. See below for a sneak preview. – Jack Seemer

The Battle for America’s Miracle Pig

The Ossabaw Island hog has been called a delicacy, a pest, and the key to a cure for mankind’s worst diseases. Which is it?

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Win the Long Weekend with Three Luxurious Duffels

The long weekend is half impulse, half forethought. And a good bag is 100 percent necessary.

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A Travel Guide to Havana, Cuba


Where to eat, drink and stay in the Cuban capital.

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Words Without Context

A Notable Quote From The Week

“To compare and contrast them is a visual and anecdotal lesson in fishing’s greatest hope, and its last prayer.”
– Chris Wright

The Secret Lures of Pro Fishermen

For an animal that follows a constant set of behaviors, a fish can be a damn hard creature to figure out. It no wonder the “go-to lure” is revered among fishermen.

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Conquer Winter with the Year’s Best Snowshoes

Glide effortlessly over several-foot-deep powder.

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Inside the Leica Lens Factory

At the Leica factory, in Wetzlar, Germany, you’ll find passion, expertise and fewer robots than you might imagine.

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