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Artisan Goods from the Hudson Valley

A collection of handmade goods that preserve something increasingly rare in modern retail: a sense of place.

Sung Han

From Issue Three of the Gear Patrol Magazine.
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A hundred years ago, every Main Street in America had its general store. These small, often family-run outfits sold everyday essentials — pantry provisions, home goods, booze — to blue-collar Americans who had nowhere else to shop. But towns got bigger, or they grew hollow. And most of these pastoral storefronts lost out to big-box emporiums like Walmart or Amazon.

In places like the Hudson Valley, however, where residents place a premium on nostalgia and the simple life, the spirit of the general store carries on. The region’s eclectically stocked boutiques still specialize in local, handmade goods for everyday life. More importantly, they preserve an increasingly rare trait in modern retail: a sense of place.


Everything in its Right Place


Andrew Molleur Gradient Mise en Place Bowls $80
Black Creek Mercantile Blackline Kitchen Spoons $120
Silk & Willow Indigo Dip-Dyed Napkins $30


From Hot Sauce to Syrup


Poor Devil Pepper Co. Green Gypsy Hot Sauce $7
Honeybrook Farms Honey $10
Crown Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup $20
BjornQorn Sun-Popped Popcorn $4


Cider Central


Aaron Burr Cidery Scrumpy in the Gunks Cider $20
Sundström Cider Sponti $20
The Hudson Standard Catskill Masala Bitters $20


Soap, Wax and Paper


Hudson Made Scullery Soap $17
Cold Spring Apothecary No. 75 Candle $45
Upstate Diary $20

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